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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

The Red Tornado
Fighting:Good (10)
The Red Tornado
Agility:Excellent (20)
Strength:Excellent (20)
Endurance:Amazing (50)
Reason:Good (10)
Intuition:Poor (4)
Psyche:Poor (4)
Resources:Poor (4)
Physical Description:
Height: 6' 1" Hair: None
Weight: 325 lbs. Eyes: Blue
By riding on one of his wind vortices, the Red Tornado can fly at Remarkable speed, or about 225 mph.

The Red Tornado can create a tornado-like vortex of air, which can cause damage of Incredible intensity. Alternatively, they can be used to lift items of Incredible weight, or about 10 tons.

Mathematics * Computer Science * Clerical Duties
The Justice League of America * The Justice Society of America
The Red Tornado began his existence on the planet Rann as a sentient living tornado whose evil nature was dominant. He was called the Tornado Tyrant. Trying to conquer Rann, the Tornado Tyrant battled Adam Strange and was nearly destroyed. Observing Strange and the Justice League of America, the tornado being decided to become a hero and renamed himself the Tornado Champion. However, the Champion's evil self split off to become a separate being, a new Tornado Tyrant, which the Champion defeated.

Later, criminal scientist T.O. Morrow created an android called the Red Tornado in order to defeat the Justice Society of America. The Tornado Champion entered the android body but thereby lost his memory. The Red Tornado saved both the JLA and JSA from Morrow and became a member of the Justice Society himself.

After nearly being destroyed, the Tornado was repaired by Morrow and joined the JLA. Given human facial features by his creator, the Tornado took the human identity of John Smith and fell in love with Kathy Sutton. The Tornado was destroyed in action once again, but was rebuilt by the Construct. Recently, the Red Tornado learned that he was the Tornado Champion.

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