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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

Fighting:Excellent (20)
Agility:Good (10)
Strength:Good (10)
Endurance:Good (10)
Reason:Typical (6)
Intuition:Excellent (20)
Psyche:Excellent (20)
Resources:Good (10)
Physical Description:
Height: 5' 11" Hair: Brown
Weight: 193 lbs. Eyes: Brown
All of Obsidian's powers are usable only when he merges his body with his own shadow. This causes his body to become entirely black, except for his eyes and the inside of his mouth. His costume may become black too, or he may decide to leave it unchanged. Strong light causes Obsidian pain when he is in his shadow form.

Obsidian can reduce his body to a sub-microscopic width. While he cannot slice items in this state, he can pass harmlessly through materials of Monstrous strength or less, equivalent to diamonds or super-heavy alloys.

Obsidian can propel himself vertically at poor speed, or about 60 mph. He cannot carry anything with him, except his own costume. As a "living shadow," he may ignore the effects of wind, fluctuating gravity, etc.

By looking into a target's eyes, Obsidian can induce paralyzing fear. The effect is automatic for a target with a Psyche rank of Amazing or less, although the target may ignore the effect with a Red Psyche roll.

Wrestling * Driving
Inifinity Inc. * The Justice Society of America
Todd Rice is the son of Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, and Rose Forrest, the original Thorn. Under an assumed name, Forrest married Scott, but left him, fearing her criminal Thorn personality would take control of her and kill him. Unknown to Scott, Forrest bore him twin children, but she abandoned them, fearing she would kill them as the Thorn. The twins, who became known as Todd Rice and Jennie-Lynn Hayden, were each raised by a different set of foster parents, and did not meet until a few weeks before they attempted to join the Justice Society of America.

Each twin had developed super-powers, and they suspected that Green Lantern was their father. The two siblings intended to become super-heroes under the names of Jade and Obsidian. Learning that four other young heroes had just interrupted a Justice Society meeting to demand to be made members, Todd and Jennie-Lynn went to the meeting to ask that they themselves be inducted. The Justice Society turned down all the applicants, who instead formed their own super-hero organization, Infinity, Inc.

Obsidian publicly revealed he was Todd Rice at Infinity, Inc.'s first press conference. Shortly thereafter, he and Jade met Rose Forrest, and after Rose's death, the Harlequin, an old foe of Scott's revealed to the twins and to Alan Scott that Todd and Jennie-Lynn are the children of Alan Scott and Rose Forrest.

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