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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

Mr. Scarlet
Fighting:Excellent (20)
Mr. Scarlet
Agility:Excellent (20)
Strength:Good (10)
Endurance:Good (10)
Reason:Good (10)
Intuition:Excellent (20)
Psyche:Good (10)
Resources:Good (10)
Physical Description:
Height: 5' 11" Hair: Brown
Weight: 175 lbs. Eyes: Brown
Mr. Scarlet wears a prototype flying-rig under his clothing, which allows him to fly with poor ability, or at about 60 mph, with a 15-minute time limit on his power source. When the batteries run low, Mr. Scarlet will float to the ground, with a generally soft landing. The batteries can be recharged with standard house current in 6-8 hours. The harness is based on Nth-metal technology, using the interaction of electro-magnetic forces and the magnetic field of the Earth to provide propulsion and manueverability.

Mr. Scarlet carries a target pistol with a supply of mercy shot ammunition. If a shot is successful, the target is coated with a knockout drug which is absorbed through the skin, causing unconsciousness for 1-10 rounds. He does not like to use the gun, and will do so only in life-or-death situations.

Law * Martial Arts B * Detective * First Aid * Marksman (pistol)
The Squadron of Justice * Miss Wade (secretary)
Special Prosecutor Brian Butler was an attorney who was particularly devoted to the concept of justice. As such, he was rapidly becoming jaded and cynical about the ability of the legal system to provide justice to all American citizens.

He was approached by an old acquaintance, a woman of Fawcett City's lower class, regarding her suspicions about the illegal activities of her boss' associates. She said that a local merchant, Dr. Benson by name, was actually a weapons-supplier to the mob, and that his R&D laboratory was underneath the appliance repair shop where she worked. Having only vague suspicions, and no hard evidence to back them up, Butler told her that there was nothing he could do.

The woman's son, nicknamed Pinky by his fellows on the streets, decided to provide that hard evidence. He stole a pair of flying harnesses, and brought them to Butler's office. Butler was intrigued enough to investigate further, and accompanied Pinky and his mother to the appliance shop. While they were there, a local crime boss arrived to pick up the flying suits he had commissioned. Dr. Benson was unable to provide the suits, since Pinky had stolen them. The mobster flew into a rage and shot him dead.

Butler crept to an office phone and called the police. While he was thus occupied, the gunman discovered Pinky and his mother hiding outside the laboratory. He was in the process of questioning them when the police arrived. A gun battle ensued, in which Pinky's mother and the gunman were killed.

The entire incident was galvanizing to Butler, since he had been trying unsuccessfully for years to have the mobster put away. He decided to keep the flight harnesses for himself, since he and Pinky were the only ones who knew of their existance. He took Pinky as his ward, and outfitted them both with colorful circus costumes, under the theory that people will notice the costumes and ignore the men beneath them. The two work outside the law to ensure that such criminals pay for their crimes to the fullest extent of the law.

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