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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

Fighting:Typical (6)
Agility:Typical (6)
Strength:Typical (6)
Endurance:Good (10)
Reason:Typical (6)
Intuition:Excellent (20)
Psyche:Excellent (20)
Resources:Typical (6)
Physical Description:
Height: 5' 5" Hair: Red
Weight: 104 lbs. Eyes: Green
Lilith can recieve another's thoughts with Typical ability, which is strong enough to read someone's mind at a range of 4 areas. Used in tandem with Mental Invisiblity, most targets will not realized that their minds have been scanned.

Lilith can render her mental processes undetectable, with Excellent ability; this means that her powers are protected from discovery from anyone of Excellent Psyche or less.

Lilith can glimpse into the future, with Remarkable ability. This means that she can see about two-and-a-half days ahead, at the Judge's discretion. Her abilities usually respond to upcoming dire events.

Martial Arts A
The Teen Titans * The Justice League of America
Lilith's early years were spent at an orphanage in Kentucky where she was told her mother had abandoned her after some difficulty with her father. It was later revealed that the woman who took Lilith to the county orphanage was in reality the child's nurse, who never explained the reasons behind her actions.

Lilith was later adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Will Clay, who raised her as their own daughter, and Lilith's life was idyllic until she turned thirteen. At that point she began exhibiting strange telepathic powers that frightened her. One of the first manifestations of those powers was reading her parents' minds and learning about her unknown past.

By the time Lilith turned sixteen, she had left Kentucky and begun a fruitless search for her true parents, but she frequently found herself called a witch and found her life threatened.

Lilith's travels took her to New York, where she eventually met the philanthropic millionaire Loren Jupiter, who took her in and gave her life some meaning. He was at that point starting a training program for exceptionally gifted youngsters, and Lilith worked closely with him. It was Lilith who convinced the recently formed Teen Titans to join Jupiter's program. Although initially mistrustful of her unknown background, the Titans made her a part of the team, where she remained after the group separated from Jupiter.

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