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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

The Injustice Gang of the World
Mirror Master · Poison Ivy · Shadow Thief
Tattooed Man · Scarecrow · Chronos
The Justice League of America #111 An organization of super-powered criminals gathered by the mysterious masked figure called Libra, the Injustice Gang of the World operated out of a detection-cloaked satellite held in geosychronous orbit 22,300 miles above the Earth. This satellite maintained its orbit on the opposite side of the planet from the satellite headquarters of the IGW's archenemies, the Justice League of America.

The membership of the Injustice Gang consisted of Chronos, the time thief; the malevolent Mirror Master; the exotic Poison Ivy, mistress of the plant world; the sinister Scarecrow; the hardly human Shadow-Thief; and the Tattooed Man, who could bring to life the illustrations that adorned his body.

Originally organized as a common meeting ground for super-villains to exchange strategies, secrets, and other ideas that might aid them against the forces of justice, the Injustice Gang was ultimately revealed to be a front to conceal Libra's greatest scheme. The scales Libra carried were actually a device called an energy transmortifier, which was capable of creating a balance by stealing half of any universal energy form. Libra had set the members of his Injustice Gang against the membership of the Justice League merely as a test of this device. Having proven his energy transmortifier worked, Libra used it to transfer half of the energy of the entire Milky Way Galaxy into his own body.

Instantly, Libra began to grow larger, expanding endlessly until he finally became one with the entire universe. His essence completely dissipated, his mind would drift through space forever, totally, hopelessly insane.

Realizing they had been used by Libra, and without his presence to hold them together, the other members of the Injustice Gang quickly went their separate ways, leaving the satellite abandoned.

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