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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

Infinity, Inc.
Skyman · Jade · Obsidian
Fury · The Silver Scarab · Northwind
Nuklon · Brainwave, Jr.
Infinity, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based organization of young super-heroes principally composed of the children and protoges of the Justice Society of America. The group is headed by Sylvester Pemberton, the Star-Spangled Kid, who was an active super-hero in the 1940s and is still a young man, thanks to his travels through time. Pemberton owns Stellar Studios, the film-making complex where Infinity, Inc. makes its headquarters.

The other members of Infinity, Inc. include Fury, the daughter of the original Wonder Woman and General Steve Trevor; Jade and Obsidian, the daughter and son of the original Green Lantern and Rose Forrest, the original Thorn; Northwind, who is the son of a human father and one of the bird-people of Feithera and is a protoge of the original Hawkman and Hawkgirl; Nuklon, the grandson of the reluctant super-criminal Cyclotron and the protege of the original Atom; and the Silver Scarab, who is the son of the original Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

Associate members who do not currently have active status within the group include Brainwave, Jr., the son of the Brain Wave, who was one of the Justice Society's foremost enemies; the Huntress, who is the daughter of the original Batman and Catwoman; and Power Girl, who is known as the cousin of the original Superman.

Infinity, Inc. originated when Fury, Jade, Northwind, Nuklon, Obsidian, and Silver Scarab went to a Justice Society meeting to ask that they be made members of the Society. The Society turned them all down as inexperienced. Shortly thereafter, the six young heroes were transported back in time to 1942 through the joint efforts of the 1942 self and the present-day self of the villainous Ultra-Humanite. In 1942 the Ultra-Humanite mentally caused the young heroes to believe that the United States was the fascist aggressor in World War II. Under this delusion, the six young heroes fought members of the All-Star Squadron. But when the Ultra-Humanite's control over them wore off, the future Infinitors, joined by Brainwave, Jr., who also had gone back in time, helped the All-Stars defeat the master criminal.

The seven young heroes returned to their own time, where the Ultra-Humanite of that period had turned a number of Justice Society members evil through exposure to the waters of the so-called "Stream of Ruthlessness." The future Infinitors, joined by Power Girl and the Huntress, succeeded in defeating the Society members and gave them the antidote to the Stream's effects. Brainwave, Jr. defeated the Ultra-Humanite.

Afterward, the young heroes decided that rather than join the Justice Society they would form their own group, Infinity, Inc., under the leadership of their friend the Star-Spangled Kid, who had been thinking of leaving the Justice Society.

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