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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

The Human Bomb
The Human Bomb
Physical Description:
Height: 6' 0" Hair: Black
Weight: 182 lbs. Eyes: Blue
The Human Bomb's hands are infused with explosive power; a light touch of his bare finger creates a Feeble-intensity explosion, while a solid punch will create an Amazing-intensity explosion. He is immune to the damaging effects of his own explosions. His special gloves prevent his power from accidentally triggering.
Chemistry * Biochemistry
Demolitions * Civil Engineering
The Freedom Fighters * The Justice League of America
Roy Lincoln was a brilliant chemist who was assisting his father, a famous explosives expert, in working on a new, incredibly powerful explosive chemical known as 27-QRX. Nazi agents, intent on stealing the formula, confronted the two chemists in their laboratory, and one agent shot and killed Roy's father. Roy fought the agents and, to prevent them from getting the formula, swallowed the chemical. The result was that the tremendous explosive power of the chemical was somehow concentrated in Roy's hands, into energy he could release with destructive force. Using this power, Roy defeated the agents.

Lincoln adopted the costumed identity of the Human Bomb in order to use his newfound power to battle crime and subversion. He had to wear "fibro-wax" gloves at all times so as not to release his power accidentally.

The Human Bomb joined the wartime All-Star Squadron, and was one of the Freedom Fighters who joined the mysterious Uncle Sam to fight an attempted Japanese invasion of California on the parallel world called Earth-X.

World War II continued long past 1945 on Earth-X, and the Nazis eventually took over the planet. However, with the help of the Justice League of America and Justice Society of America, a group of Freedom Fighters, including the Human Bomb, finally overthrew Earth's Nazi government.

Later, these Freedom Fighters were teleported to Earth-1, but the teleport device made Lincoln's entire body explosive, so that he had to wear his protective costume continually. The Doll Man designed a damper device with which the Bomb could turn his power on and off. Eventually, this effect of the teleporter device wore off.

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