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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

The Harlequin
Fighting:Excellent (20)
The Harlequin
Agility:Remarkable (30)
Strength:Good (10)
Endurance:Good (10)
Reason:Typical (6)
Intuition:Good (10)
Psyche:Good (10)
Resources:Good (10)
Physical Description:
Height: 5' 7" Hair: Red
Weight: 120 lbs. Eyes: Green
The Harlequin possesses unique glasses of unknown origin. Among the effects she can achieve with them are:

The Harlequin can issue hypnotic suggestions with Excellent ability. She must be in the same area as the target, and the target must meet her gaze in order for her to implant the suggestion.

The Harlequin can generate realistic illusions with Typical ability. She must be able to see the area she is casting into, and the images can be mechanically recorded and transmitted.

The Harlequin's glasses are able to project mini-bolts of lightning, which cause Excellent damage, with a one-area range. The Harlequin wears insulated gloves and shoes to protect her from the effects of this power.

The Harlequin carries a mandolin with an extending handle, which enables her to thrust it forward as a blunt weapon.

Gymnastics * Tennis * Typing
The Injustice Society of the World * The FBI * Green Lantern
Molly Maynne was a brilliant athlete in school, so good that she could defeat any male competitor. For that reason men shunned her, and she never had a boyfriend. Distraught, Maynne decided she had to hide her beauty and talents and become, in her own words, "a mousy secretary."

She became the secretary to Alan Scott, program director for Gotham City radio station WXYZ, who was secretly the Green Lantern. One of the station's advertisers suggested a radio drama in which Green Lantern would play himself. His opponent would be a female comic book character called the Harlequin. Green Lantern went to Maynne and told her he would do the program. Maynne immediately fell in love with the masked hero.

However, Alan Scott told Maynne that Green Lantern was too busy fighting criminals to become romantically involved. Anguished, Maynne decided that she would become a criminal herself in order to attract Green Lantern's attention, and adopted the guise of the Harlequin, the fictional criminal from the radio show.

Over the following years Green Lantern and the Harlequin clashed repeatedly. The Harlequin never tried to kill Green Lantern and made it clear that she loved him. Green Lantern resisted her romantic advances, though, and never learned who she really was.

The Harlequin eventually made a deal with the F.B.I. to help them capture some criminals and find certain evidence. But despite past accounts, she never became an agent for them. Finally, Maynne retired as the Harlequin and disappeared from Alan Scott's life as well. There are unconfirmed reports that the Harlequin reappeared in recent years.

Finally, the Harlequin publicly appeared at Infinity, Inc.'s first press conference. Molly Maynne had become Alan Scott's private secretary at a California television station and figured out that Scott was Green Lantern. Suspecting that Infinitors Jade and Obsidian were his children, she began following the two of them and learned that the Thorn was out to kill them. She helped Green Lantern, Jade, and Obsidian fight the Thorn. Green Lantern learned the Harlequin's true identity, and Scott and Maynne were married soon afterwards.

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