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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

Fighting:Good (10)
Agility:Typical (6)
Strength:Good (10) [Incredible (40)]
Endurance:Good (10) [Remarkable (30)]
Reason:Typical (6)
Intuition:Good (10)
Psyche:Excellent (20)
Health:36 [86]
Physical Description:
Height: 5'8" [50' 3"] Hair: Red
Weight: 170 lbs. [1 ton] Eyes: Brown
Giganta can enlarge her body at an Incredible level by means of atomic gain. This means that at her maximum height of 50' she weighs approximately 1 ton, with corresponding increases to her strength and endurance. Note that physical attacks do less relative damage at her expanded size, and that if she returns normal size her wounds will shrink with her; however, bullets or other embedded objects will not.
Horsemanship * Roping * Weight Lifting
None, outside the Legion of Doom.
The woman known only as Giganta was riding in the American southwest and witnessed Apache Chief's first use of the magic powder which allowed him to grow to incredible proportions. She was instantly consumed with greed and lust for power. She used her lasso to take the powder from the shaman who held it, and against his warning, used it on herself. She did not realize (or care) that a side effect of the powder was to intensify and make permanent whichever emotional state the user was in. She became a career criminal, constantly thinking of her lust for money, valuables, and power.

Giganta's relatively low resources rank reflects the difficulty of living large parts of one's life at a 50' scale. Her need for food is vastly increased, as well as the size of any living quarters used. Also, she has a "grass is always greener" mentality with valuables, and is easily convinced to risk any resources she does obtain for the slightest chance of monetary gain.

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