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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

The Gambler
Fighting:Poor (4)
The Gambler
Agility:Good (10)
Strength:Typical (6)
Endurance:Good (10)
Reason:Good (10)
Intuition:Excellent (20)
Psyche:Excellent (20)
Resources:Excellent (20)
Physical Description:
Height: 5' 7" Hair: White
Weight: 151 lbs. Eyes: Blue
The Gambler's custom-made gun is habitually hidden up his sleeve. It has a five-shot capacity, and can fire clouds of ammonia gas (1 area) and a dense smoke-screen (1 area) as well as a regular bullets.

The Gambler keeps several razor-sharp throwing knives concealed in his jacket.

Marksmanship (Pistols) * Knives * Disguise
Games of Chance * Probability * Confidence Games
The Injustice Society of the World
The day after high school graduation, young Steven Sharpe asked his girl, Helen, to marry him, but she refused until he could prove he was not a habitual gambler like his father and grandfather before him. When Helen ran off with a local punk who had won a fortune gambling on the sweepstakes, Steven quit his job and decided to make a new life for himself.

When an armored car crashed right in front of him as a result of a freak accident, Steven decided to help himself to the money that had spilled out of the back of the van, vowing that from then on he would take whatever he could get.

Convinced that the only thing that mattered in his life was luck, and that the lucky people were those who took chances, Steven drank a toast to his grandfather's memory -- and to his own new life as the Gambler.

Over the next several years, Steven spent a time with a traveling carnival, learning the art of makeup and becoming and expert with throwing knives and pistols. Embarking at last upon his new career of crime, the Gambler quickly became one of the most wanted men in the country.

Arriving in Gotham City, the Gambler quickly found himself in conflict with the Golden Age Green Lantern and his crimefighting sidekick, cab driver Doiby Dickles. After repeated encounters, the Emerald Crusader eventually defeated the Gambler and put him behind bars.

Though the Gambler escaped from prison repeatedly over the years, ultimately joining the first incarnation of the Injustice Society of the World, he was always recaptured by Green Lantern and returned to Gotham Penitentiary to serve out his life sentence.

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