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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

The Dragon
Fighting:Incredible (40)
The Dragon
Agility:Excellent (20)
Strength:Good (10)
Endurance:Remarkable (30)
Reason:Typical (6)
Intuition:Good (10)
Psyche:Typical (6)
Resources:Typical (6)
Physical Description:
Height: 5' 6" Hair: Black
Weight: 140 lbs. Eyes: Brown
Martial Arts A, D, & E * Journalism * Trivia / Asian History
When Teh Chang lost his son and daughter-in-law during World War II, he cursed all wars and the men who make them, and took his twin grandchildren to a monastery high in the Himalayas. There, Wu Teh grows up good, his brother Ling evil -- both experts in martial arts. During a fight, Ling tries to kill Wu Teh with a spear, but Teh Chang comes between them and is mortally wounded; Ling runs off and, after his grandfather's death, Wu Teh follows. Calling himself the Dragon -- after an amulet worn by Teh Chang -- Wu tracks his brother to southern California, where he waited for him to surface. In the meantime, financed by a priest at the monastery, Wu earned a journalism degree and became a TV anchorperson. Although he never did get vengeance, Wu did manage to stop other crime as the Dragon.

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