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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

Per Degaton
Fighting:Good (10)
Per Degaton
Agility:Typical (6)
Strength:Good (10)
Endurance:Typical (6)
Reason:Excellent (20)
Intuition:Excellent (20)
Psyche:Excellent (20)
Resources:Poor (4)
Physical Description:
Height: 5' 4" Hair: Red
Weight: 135 lbs. Eyes: Blue
Degaton usually travels in Professor Zee's machine, which is roughly the size of a small walk-in closet. It can travel the time stream with Typical ability, which means it can go a maximum of 6000 years into the past, or 60 years into the future. On at least one occasion, unexplained forces pulled the machine into an inter-dimensional limbo between Earths; it is unknown how well the machine can navigate in such a realm.
Laboratory Procedures * Cleaning * History
Temporal Mechanics * Martial Arts B
The Injustice Society of the World * The Crime Syndicate
In 1941 Per Degaton was an assistant to a group of scientists known as the Time Trust, who had developed a ray machine that could transport people through time. The Trust was working on a means of creating force fields to protect America from enemy bombing should it enter World War II. The Trust learned that such a means existed in the 25th century, and the Justice Society of America traveled there via the time-ray and procured the formula for creating the force fields. The Trust built a force field device, but the jealous Degaton sabotaged it.

In 1947 Degaton was the laboratory assistant to Professor Malachi Zee, a former Trust member who invented his own time machine. Degaton shot Zee and used the machine to alter the outcome of the battle between Alexander the Great and the Persian king Darius in 331 B.C., thereby radically changing the course of history, which enabled him to conquer the world in 1947. But Zee recovered and told the JSA how to thwart Degaton. The JSA went back to 331 B.C. and set history right again. For unknown reasons, everyone forgot what Degaton had done, including Degaton himself.

But eventually Degaton remembered, and went back in time to 1941, intending to alter history so that the United States would concentrate on defeating Japan first in World War II, not Germany. Degaton believed this would lead to a stalemate in the war, and then he would conquer an empire for himself. The All-Star Squadron defeated him in their first mission, and Degaton returned in 1947, forgetting what he had done.

Degaton regained his memory again and stole Soviet atomic missiles from 1962 and used them to try to blackmail the Allies and Axis powers into surrendering to him in 1942. He was defeated by the All-Star Squadron and members of the JSA and Justice League of America from decades in the future. He was sent back to 1947 and forgot what he had done.

When his memory next returned, Degaton shot Zee, who fell into his time machine, which traveled decades into the future. Deprived of the machine, Degaton joined the Injustice Society of the World in the unsuccessful attempt to conquer America. Degaton spent the next decades in and out of prison (and for a time as a derelict) waiting for the time machine to return so he could use it to change history and conquer the world.

But when the machine reappeared, Zee emerged, named Degaton as his killer before the JSA and other witnesses, and died. Defeated again, the aged Degaton committed suicide.

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