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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

The Brute
Fighting:Good (10)
The Brute
Agility:Good (10)
Strength:Remarkable (30)
Endurance:Remarkable (30)
Reason:Feeble (2)
Intuition:Poor (4)
Psyche:Good (10)
Resources:Shift 0 (0)
Physical Description:
Height: 7' 0" Hair: Blue
Weight: 330 lbs. Eyes: Blue
Survival * Hunting (small game)
Dr. Ann Turner
In the Ice Age, the Brute was a family man who lived apart from the tribe with his mate and their son. When Man-Apes attacked his cave, the woman and child were slain. Despondent and lonely, Brute fell into ice and froze solid. Becoming part of a southward-moving glacier, he was carried to a cave in Minnesota where he lay encased in ice for eons. Eventually, due to the proximity of a nuclear power plant, his snowy prison melted and the Brute was released, none the worse for his captivity --save for an aquamarine tint to his skin. Living on the rats which populated the cave, he was discovered in the spring of 1975 by three boys, only one of whom survived to alert the police. Law officers stunned the Brute with tranquilizer guns and turned him over to anthropologist Ann Turner for study. The Brute escaped, managing to fight super villains while a fugitive from the law. Possessing extraordinary strength, the seven-foot-tall Brute survived everything from a bullet in the brain to a battle with a Grizzly bear. He obtained the rudiments of speech in his third and final issue.

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