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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

Fighting:Excellent (40)
Agility:Remarkable (30)
Strength:Amazing (50)
Endurance:Unearthly (100)
Reason:Incredible (40)
Intuition:Excellent (20)
Psyche:Poor (4)
Physical Description:
Height: 7' 4" Hair: None
Weight: 479 lbs. Eyes: Photocellular
A ray projector on Brainiac's ship is capable of shrinking matter with Shift X ability. It is capable of taking entire cities from their planetary environments and placing them into bottle-sized artificial environments.

Brainiac possesses technology for projecting a force-field of Shift Y strength. He typically protects both himself and his ship with such fields, which are capable of withstanding attacks by Superman himself.

Brainiac can talk with machines at an Amazing level.

While on his ship, Brainiac can create any kind of electronic or computerized machine stored in his ship's memory banks; for game purposes, this is almost infinite. The creation process is limited to the interior of his ship, but the machines can then be removed and used elsewhere.

Martial Arts (all forms) * Communications * Mechanical Engineering
Computer Science * Statistics * Astral Navigation
The Legion of Doom
Years ago, the inhabitants of the distant planet Colu built superior computers possessed of 10th level intelligence compared to the Coluan's own 6th level intelligence. These computers were so sophisticated that they eventually revolted against Colu's populace, becoming dictators of that world.

Deciding at length to expand their dominion beyond Colu, the computers constructed a humanoid spy to reconnoiter other planets. Using the mental patterns of a Coluan scientist to give this android human mannerisms, and boosting its intelligence to an unheard-of 12th level, the computers dubbed their creation Brainiac. To further Brainiac's human guise, the computers took a child maned Vril Dox and forced him to pose as Brainiac's son. Ironically, it was this same child who would, several years later while Brainiac was away in space, lead the Coluan rebellion that overthrew the computer rule.

Sent into space by his computer masters, Brainiac traveled from one inhabited world to another, using a unique shrinking ray to steal sample cities from these worlds to test them for conquest. One of these cities was Kandor, former capital of Superman's homeworld, Krypton. When Brainiac came to Earth to steal the city of Metropolis, he found himself defeated by Superman, who returned the other stolen cities to their native worlds and took the bottled city of Kandor to his Fortress of Solitude for safekeeping.

With the defeat on Colu of his computer masters, Brainiac set out on his own to conquer the universe, returning time and again to Earth to renew his battle with Superman in a vain effort to avenge his repeated defeats at the Man of Steels's hands.

After one such battle, Superman left Brainiac entombed at the very center of a vast computerized planet of Brainiac's own devising. Unable to free himself through any other means, Brainiac forced the planet's sun, Epsilon 4, to go nova, believing the resultant energies would free him.

Instead, the nova's energy was far beyond Brainiac's expectations, reducing the humanoid android to a random mass of molecules. This cloud of Brainiac's atoms drifted through space until the atoms were drawn to a world of living machines where life was not carbon-based, but electronic. Here, he joined with the planet's bio-computers, absorbing information that had been stored there since before the birth of our galaxy. Leaving the computer-world at last, Brainiac's atoms continued drifting through the universe, from world to world, gleaning more information wherever they traveled.

Returning at last to his computerized world, Brainiac's atoms began to reintegrate over a period of many months, until he emerged restored, but drastically changed. Now fully a living machine with no trace of human emotion, the new Brainiac continues to stalk the stars.

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