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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

Beast Boy
Fighting:Typical (6)
Beast Boy
Agility:Excellent (20)
Strength:Typical (6)
Endurance:Good (10)
Reason:Typical (6)
Intuition:Typical (6)
Psyche:Good (10)
Resources:Incredible (40)
Physical Description:
Height: 5' 3" Hair: Green
Weight: 125 lbs. Eyes: Green
Beast Boy can alter his appearance, form, and dimensions into that any animal he can picture in his mind, though his coloring remains bright green. The smaller the animal, the longer he is able to keep its shape. The greater the animal's mass, the shorter time he can hold that form. Also, the larger his shape-shifting change is, the weaker Gar Logan will become, and the longer it will take him to once again use his powers.
The Doom Patrol * The Teen Titans
As a child, young Garfield Logan was brought tho the African country of Upper Lamumba by his parents, scientists Mark ad Marie Logan. Once there, young Gar mysteriously caught a rare tropical disease, Sakutia, that only animals could survive. To save his dying son, Professor Logan treated the infant with an untested medicine he developed to isolate the common genetic bond between humans and animals.

Garfield Logan was cured, but his skin took on a permanent green pigment and his body underwent an even more startling metamorphosis. Gar Logan discovered that he could alter his body into the form of any animal he could think of.

Years passed, and after Mark and Marie Logan died in a boating accident, the child was raised by King Tawaba, chief of a local African tribe.

But Gar Logan's animal-changing powers brought him to the attention of several criminals used the child to commit various crimes. Soon after the criminals died, Gar Logan and his trust fund were put in the hands of an unscrupulous guardian named Galtry.

Logan remained with Galtry, hating his guardian, until he met Rita Farr and her new husband, millionaire Steve Dayton. Wanting to adopt the young shape-shifter, Farr and Dayton waged a court battle against Galtry. Farr and Dayton won and soon adopted Gar Logan.

Calling himself Beast Boy, Logan joined the Doom Patrol and fought alongside the famed team of heroes until Farr, Larry Trainor, Niles Caulder, and Cliff Steele apparently died at the hands of a former member of the Brotherhood of Evil, Madame Rouge and Nazi war criminal General Zahl. Later on, Gar Logan learned that Cliff Steele was the sole survivor of the Doom Patrol.

Young and brash, Gar Logan answered the summons when Hollywood called, and the youthful shape-changer got a job playing the alien metamorph Tork on the television show Space Trek 2022. But TV fame was fleeting and the show was soon cancelled.

Back to living with Steve Dayton, Gar Logan, who now called himself the Changeling, soon joined another group of super-hero adventurers, this time a group closer to his age. To date, Garfield Logan remains a charter member of the New Teen Titans.

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