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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

The Character Roster
(broken down by home-Earth and group affiliation)

A Word on Alternate Earths:
DC Comics© used to use the idea of multiple Earths to separate several groups of their heroes (1940s heroes, 1960s heroes, and evil nemeses therof). When they wished to publish new adventures of heroes that others originated, but that they had acquired publishing rights to, the idea was expanded so that each company recieved its own Earth for their heroes to cavort in (for example, Earth-S for the Fawcett heroes, Earth-X for the Quality heroes, etc). For the purposes of my Marvel Super-Heroes© campaigns, I expanded the idea still further, adding several new Earths to the list. However, the list is my own, developed some 15-20 years ago, as of this writing. As such, the list does not match some of the other work available on the Web.

That's okay!

Use this stuff if you want; but please, save the eMails on this particular subject. I know some of the other work out there, and have read (and enjoyed) much of it. But, this is my Site, so my takes on the fictional characters we all know and love are the ones that I will focus on. So, enjoy what is here, and take it all for what it is worth (i.e, a silly little pass-time activity). Think of the spirit that used to exist in the comics themselves, and don't let a non-critical inconsistancy ruin your day. Modify this stuff to fit your own campaign. I won't mind, or complain. Really. Anyway, enjoy.


Earth-1 was the standard, "default" Earth of DC Comics' Silver Age stories. This means that, unless stated explicitly otherwise in the story, it was the setting for nearly all stories from 1955-85. This was the only Earth, I am convinced, that needed to be "cleaned up," continuity-wise, in 1985.
The Justice League of America
Superman · Batman · Wonder Woman · Aquaman
The Martian Manhunter · The Flash · Green Lantern
Green Arrow · The Atom · Hawkman · The Red Tornado
Black Canary · The Elongated Man · Firestorm · Zatanna
Steel · Vixen · Gypsy · Vibe

The Teen Titans
Robin · Kid Flash · Aqualad
Wonder Girl · Speedy · Lilith · Mal Duncan

The Doom Patrol
The Chief · Robotman · Negative Man
Elasti-Girl · Mento · Beast Boy
Celsius · Tempest · Negative Woman

The Injustice Gang of the World
Mirror Master · Poison Ivy · Shadow Thief
Tattooed Man · Scarecrow · Chronos

The Secret Society of Super-Villains
Manhunter · Captain Cold · Mirror Master · Gorilla Grodd
Sinestro · Star Sapphire · Copperhead · Shadow Thief
Captain Boomerang · The Wizard · Hi-Jack · Captain Comet
Funky Flashman · Matter Master · Felix Faust
The Trickster · The Creeper · Bizarro · Poison Ivy
The Angle Man · The Floronic Man · Blockbuster
Professor Zoom · The Silver Ghost · Quakemaster
Chronos · Killer Moth · Killer Frost
Signalman · The Cheetah

Batman's Rogues Gallery
The Joker · Catwoman · The Penguin · The Riddler
Mr. Freeze · The Scarecrow · Poison Ivy · Two-Face
Clayface · Blockbuster · Killer Moth · Signalman

The Flash's Rogues Gallery
Mirror Master · Captain Cold
Heat Wave · The Trickster · Weather Wizard
The Pied Piper · Captain Boomerang · The Top
Gorilla Grodd · Professor Zoom



This was the first Earth to be explicitly presented as an "alternate Earth," in the classic Flash of Two Worlds story. The characters themselves were DC's original Golden Age heroes of the 1940s, which inspired the newer characters of Earth-1. It was also the most well-mapped out of the alternate Earths, thanks largely to the work of Roy Thomas.
The Justice Society of America
Hawkman · Flash · Green Lantern · Starman
The Atom · Dr. Mid-Nite · Hourman · The Sandman
Wonder Woman · Dr. Fate · Black Canary
Robin · Power Girl · The Huntress

The Seven Soldiers of Victory
The Star-Spangled Kid · Stripesy · The Vigilante
The Crimson Avenger · Wing · Green Arrow · Speedy
The Shining Knight · Winged Victory

The All-Star Squadron
Liberty Belle · Johnny Quick · Robotman
Plastic Man · The Tarantula
Commander Steel · Amazing Man

Infinity, Inc.
Skyman · Jade · Obsidian
Fury · The Silver Scarab · Northwind
Nuklon · Brainwave, Jr.

The Injustice Society of the World
The Wizard · Brainwave · The Gambler · The Thinker
Per Degaton · Vandal Savage · The Huntress · The Sportsmaster
The Icicle · The Fiddler · The Harlequin · The Shade
Solomon Grundy · The Psycho-Pirate

The Secret Society of Super-Villains
The Ultra-Humanite · Brainwave · Psycho-Pirate
The Mist · Rag Doll · The Monocle



This is the requisite "backworld," where everyone who is good on one Earth has an evil counter-part. It only appeared in a handful of stories, so there is lots of room to make it your own -- just keep in mind that the metaphysics of this place seem to be geared toward evil.
The Crime Syndicate of America
Ultra Man · Owlman · Super-Woman
Johnny Quick · Power Ring



This Earth exists no place other than in my own campaign notes -- it is basically an Earth-1 where the "DC Explosion" actually happened.
(the Interdimensional Crime Organization Nexus)

Mirror Master
Copperhead · Clayface · The Shadow Thief
Angle Man · Dr. Light · The Icicle · The Fiddler



This Earth is where the Atlas/Seaboard characters (published by Martin Goodman and his son Chip Goodman) came from.
The Atlas Super-Stars
Tiger-Man · The Grim Ghost · The Cougar
The Dragon · Destructor · Demon Hunter · The Brute



This is where the heroes from MLJ, Radio Comics, Red Circle Comics, and Archie Adventure Comics come from. You even have a ready-made cast of NPCs to choose from, if you include the group of teenagers from Riverdale High to the mix!
The Mighty Crusaders
The Shield · The Comet
The Fly · Fly-Girl · The Web
The Black Hood · The Jaguar · Lancelot Strong

The Mighty Legion of Justice
Captain Flag · The Fox
Steel Sterling · The Hangman
Blackjack · The Firefly · Bob Phantom



This is where the Fawcett Comics heroes live. The combined JLA/JSA group had a "crisis" here in the mid-70s.
Squadron of Justice
Captain Marvel · Mary Marvel · Captain Marvel Jr.
Bulletman · Bulletgirl · Spy Smasher · Ibis
Mr. Scarlet · Pinky the Whiz-Kid · Minute Man



This is the world where Television programs are historical facts. Gunsmoke, Bonanza, The Untouchables, and M*A*S*H, among others, actually happened. Here are some heroes that live on this world.
TV Heroes
The Six Million Dollar Man · The Bionic Woman
Electra-Woman · Dyna-Girl · Automan
The Man from Atlantis · Isis · Gemini Man
The Greatest American Hero

The Legion of Doom
Lex Luthor · Brainiac · The Cheetah · Gorilla Grodd
Solomon Grundy · The Riddler · Black Manta · Bizarro
Giganta · Sinestro · Captain Cold · The Toyman · The Scarecrow



This is where the characters from Quality Comics live. It also has the distinction that Nazi-Germany won WWII, and America is an occupied territory. The JLA/JSA members helped liberate this world in the early 70s.
The Freedom Fighters
Uncle Sam · The Black Condor · The Ray
The Human Bomb · Phantom Lady · Doll Man · Firebrand