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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

Other Sites Worth Checking Out

The Gates of Alternity
First and foremost, the Site that this Page grew out of.

Marvel Super Heroes
A cool place, the best yet that I've found to download the original Marvel Super-Heroes rulebooks and supplements.

Which Super-Hero Are You?
Take this on-line quiz and find out! (It appears that I, personally, am the Hulk ... not what I'd envisioned, but it could be worse.)

The Atlas Archives
Celebrating the short life of Atlas/Seaboard comics.
The premiere MLJ site on the web! Lots of golden age comics available for download, at a very reasonable price (available to order on CDs, too).

Mikel Midnight's Golden Age Directory
A VERY nice collection of various timelines, villain lists, and other Golden Age resources.

The Cheeks the Toy Wonder Web Page
My all-time FAVORITE comic book web page! Unfortunately, it is now defunct, due to extreme band-width usage. This link goes to an old archive with no graphics to speak of, so the experience is only half there. That is OK, though, because Unca Cheeks' words stand on their own very nicely, thank you. If you've never experienced it, definitely check it out.

The Hembeck Files!
A collection of the famous "Hembeck" strip, which appeared in many DC Comics, circa 1978 or so. Funny stuff!

Superheroines of the Silver Age
Photo-manipulations depicting the female heroes in cheescake poses. Quite well done, and worth more than a chuckle or two.
A fantastic archive of eBooks in the public domain, with many thousands of titles to choose from. My favorite part is the pulp fiction section, with copies the Shadow, Doc Savage, Zorro, etc. Good stuff!

Electronic Text Center at UVa Library
I recently discovered this archive of old literature, from the University of Virginia, in easily downloadable form, in several languages.

The Internet Classics Archive
The first lit-archive I discovered online, it has recently been plagued by technical problems. BUMMER! I guess MIT has other priorities ... this is still a cool Site, however.