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Marvel Super Heroes
The Classic RPG, by TSR©

Heroicus Personae

Roster Page

First things first:
OK, despite first impressions, you won't find any Marvel Comics© characters on this site. (You can find those fine characters all over the Web, like at Marvel Super Heroes, where several official TSR© stat books are available for download.) Rather, what you will find here is a growing collection of heroes from several other sources, formatted for play in the Marvel Super Heroes© RPG system.

If the previous paragraph didn't make a whole lot of sense to you, why not check out my FAQ page? It may tell you if you want to read any further here, or to surf on.

This Site grew out of my other Site, The Gates of Alternity. I originally concieved that particular Site as a place to present descriptions of various places to adventure in. Sure, I needed some stats of various important figures, just so I wasn't talking totally in the dark. But, as the work progressed, the Stats section of that Site began to take over. So, I amputated that particular section out, did some major remodeling in the format, and you are now reading the results. I think it will work out better, having two Sites with a semi-clear focus, rather than one that is all over the map.

I see this Site as a place to present the characters you can adventure with. The backbone of this Page is the character listing. Supplementary material will focus on character creation and modeling, so you can make the most out of the heroes as you run them through their paces.

The Backbone of the Site

The focus of this WWW Page is right here -- lots and lots of character stats. You can browse in a couple of different ways. The one that makes the most sense to me is the Character Roster, which lists the characters by group affiliation. The other way is to list the characters in alphabetical order, for when you can't remember where the heroes have appeared before. Either way, you can get there.

Other Stuff You Will Find Here

The Ultimate Powers Book is an exhaustive reference (in text-only format) that catalogues known super-powers, with a system to generate them. It is one of the most useful supplements ever published for Marvel Super Heroes©.

There are four articles from Dragon Magazine (in text-only format) dealing with character creation. The first is One in a Million, by Roger E. Moore, which discusses geographic and racial origins for home-brewed characters. The next is Heroes are Made -- Like This, by Jerold M. Stratton, regarding oft-overlooked methods of fleshing out characters. Then there is Easy as 1-2-3, by Rick Swan, focusing on the creation of realistic Non-Player Characters. Finally, you can read You Again!, by Scott Sheffield, about how to create good recurring villains.

And, of course, the HTML versions of the Universal Table and the Results Table.

The Credits page gets down-n-dirty about who did what on this site.

Finally, what is the Web without a bunch of links?

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