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What it do its your boy coming straight from American Heritage. I love to play sports and I play for the Baseball and Football team. As you can see I love cars and my favorite is the Porsche Carrera GT ansd the Subaru WRX STI. They are fast and good-looking. I like to go on the computer in Mrs. Alarcon's class because she is a good teacher. I like Math and Science because they are super cool. So you think you know how to race?? Don't mess with me when it comes to cars. I got everything you can imagine installed in mine. I got your dream car, son. Don't mess man. So, back to school and sports. I get awesome grades and i pplay sports very well. I ra by people in football, and i hit them homers in baseball. I'm a well rounded guy. So, if you dont already know me, you'll have a great time with me at a party. So wussup, wutcha' got against me, lil' boy?