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Kaluwamodara Sri Kalyanarama Purana Viharaya

- The Largest Marble Buddha Statue in Sri Lanka -

5' 9" marble Buddha Statue now protected by a glass chamber

Kaluwamodara Sri Kalyanaramaya is located about one km from Aluthgama town towards Colombo on the Galle Road itself. The temple which started around in 1825, is today home to the largest Marble Buddha Statue in the country. According to the information on the temple This 5 foot 9 inch marble statue has been donated around 1877 from Burma (now Myanmar). But we were told that after the publicity of this statue representative of Myanmar Embassy has visited the temple and informed that that this this statue is much older than 130 years.



If you are traveling form Colombo the entrance to the land land side between the famous Kande Viharaya and the Aluthgama town. All the buildings are freshly painted including the circular image house which house the marble Buddha. On a side of the image house is a stone inscription made by the donor of the land and the image house. According to it, this image house was built in 1899-1900 time period. Until recently the marble statue has been lying open inside this room but after the archeological department established it value and named it as a historical monument, a glass chamber has been built around it. The statue itself is white in colour and the robe and the hair is marked in black. The seen edges of the robe and the hair is decorated with glittering pieces and coloured stones.

Buddhas preaching of Dam Sak Pawathum suthra" to his very firsr diciples

Large reclining Buddha Statue

An unusual Buddha Statue depicting meeting with his father King Suddhodana while the Buddha is walking for alms

On a far side of the temple is a slandered image house with a large reclining buddha statue. on the left to this is a statue of Buddha preaching the 'Dham Sak Pawathum Sutra' to the 'Paswaga Mahanun', the five diciples who helped him during his search for the noble truth.

On the right side is a unusual depiction of Buddha walking house to house for alms and the meeting with his father, King Suddhodana.

Buddhas preaching of Dam Sak Pawathum suthra" to his very firsr diciples


Home > Heritage > Kaluwamodara Sri Kalyanarama Viharaya

Updated March 11, 2007
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