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Gatabaru Raja Maha Viharaya

Stupa at the top of the maintain

Cave Image House and the Devale

Getabaru Raja Maha Viharaya is on a mountain top on the Akuressa - Deniyaya Road (A17) between Morawaka and Deniyaya. Until recently this temple has been rather neglected due to the rough terrain of the location. But now a good tar road has been built from the bottom of the mountain to the temple. The climb is strenuous even for a vehicle. From the park you have to do some climbing to reach the cave image house (temple) and devale and more climbing to reach the stupa. on the route to the Cave Temple is a golden casket made to the shape of a stupa displayed in a glass room.

The Golden Casket

Steps leading from the golden casket to the Cave Temple

This temple has now become popular for the Getabaru Deiyo where people come to pray, bring an offering ("puja") or make a vows ("bara"). In addition Gatabaru Deviyo is also a popular god for placing curses to take revenge of the enemies. The God Getabaru is said to be a representation of the dark side of the God Kataragama.


Stupa at the top

Buddha Statue gifted by Dalada Maligawa

Due to the karmic effect of the good deeds of the Buddhists God Kataragama risen so much in the hierarchy of the gods, Getabaru had to leave Kataragama, so he withdrew to an isolated place on a mountain top in the interior near Morawaka on the road from lying close to the Akurassa to Deniyaya. There in isolation and, as it were, far from the official Buddhist world he exercises now his despised yet well appreciated powers. People fear and therefore also respect his power to curse.

Bell Tower on a rock

The annual Esala Perahera of Getabaru Maha Devale is supposed to be the second biggest (next to Kataragama) in the the Matara District

How to get there

The temple is between 69 and 70 KM posts on the A17 route (Akurassa - Deniyaya Road)

Home > Heritage > Gatabaru Raja Maha Viharaya

Updated February 13, 2007
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