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Ambilla Raja Maha Viharaya

Ambilla Raja Maha Viharaya a virtual art gallery situated in isolation at the historic Sannas Kanda in Matale is considered to have been constructed during the time of king Walagamba.

It is in folklore that this fortunate place is protected by a king cobra. Elders say that the king cobra can be seen on every poya day by someone dressed in pure white clothes.

Ambilla Raja Maha Viharaya is known as ‘Ambariya’. Among the paintings here is the ‘Hasthi Panjariya’ which depicts both an elephant and a bull.

There is also a stone trap displaying the talents of stone carvers. This trap is retained by a very small stone. The huge stone cannot be rolled by anyone except the creator.

This place built as a safe haven for king Walagamaba has even been venerated by the Devas and the Brahmas according to folklore.

By H. P. Sunil Rupasinghe @ WS /06MAY2006

Home > Heritage > Ambilla Raja Maha Viharaya

Updated February 13, 2007
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