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Nillaggama Bodhigaraya

Nillaggama (Nil-lag-gama) Bodhigaraya is one one the best preserved Bodhigara ( Bo-Tree house) in the country. This stucture built in the 8th or 9th Century, is completely built with granite and and has two levels. The outer level has been layed with granite sheets for for the floor and there are indications that this has been a wooden roof. two exquisitely carved granite entrances provide access to this building.


Take the Moragollagama (Mora-gollaa-gama) road from the Galgamuwa in Kurunegala District and turn to Alupatha ( Alu-patha) road from the Gallewa ( Gal-lawa) junction. You will come across the Nitalewa School after travelling about 5 km. Passing the school you will come to the Hettigama (Hetti-gama) junction. from here turn towards Nillaggama Bodhigaraya Road.

Source : Nillaggama Bodhigaraya (Sinhala PDF)




Home > Heritage > Nillaggama Bodhigaraya

Updated February 13, 2007
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