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Home Of Hell's Outcasts

Our Creed

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Our Hellish Rules<---All New Members Look Here First<----UPDATED AS OF 11/13/06
Other Rules For Officers
The Overall Officers Of HoC
All Of Our Guild Wars Members
Officer Guidelines For Promotions
Our History And How We Came To Be
News and Happenings Here<---- UPDATED AS OF 11/20/06
Guild Wars Character Titles
Future Possible Games For HoC
Some Character Build Ideas
Links To Some Of Our Dwellings
Alliance page under constrution as of 11/13/06
The Forum From Hell<---Temporarily Shut Down As Of 10/19/06

Welcome to our home! Please feel free to look around at everything.Let me give you some info on what we are about.

  • Lets start with Guild Wars. We are set up as of right now to help out people in need. We are a friendly, helping guild that have levels 20's that are through the game and can help with any mission or quest you need. We have a nice Guild Hall with all of the vendors in it and a nice cape. We can also run most places, but not everywhere. We are currently working on a Drok's runner, but he isnt quite done yet. We also have a guild mule who has max items for sell on it. The way this works is the items will be sold for the exact price that vendors offer for it. So, an item may be worth 1K public price, but the vendor only offers 200 gold. The item will be sold to you for 200 gold. The gold in turn will be used to buy stuff for the guild. We will also take any donations that people want to donate for the guild mule too. Not only can we help in post, but we also have a pre-ascalon character that can help you anywhere in pre that you need to go. We would like to eventually put together PvP, GvG, and HoH teams, but until we get all of the begining bugs worked out we can't concentrate on those right away.
  • Now about us and Diablo.
  • We are known as a clan on Diablo, but the principle is still the same. We are a friendly, helping clan. We have extra starter to mid level items for any character you need. These will allow you to get started until you get enough inventory built up to get better items for your characters. Yet again, donations for the clan mules will be appreciated if you have stuff to spare for new players. Also, we do rushes for clan members. We can get you rushed from norm to hell, and up to a level 75-85 within 1 to 2 days, depending on how much time we have, and how many people we can get together for full experience.
  • These benefits apply strictly to members of HoC only.And we would also like to add that along with these benefits come certain rules. Please, please check out all the rules before deciding on joining our Guild/Clan. We are not strict, but we have to have some sort of order. :)