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Fun Stuff
Free Quilled Heart 
Free Quilled Heart Pattern
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Free Quilled Heart #2 
Free Quilled Heart Pattern
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The Quilling Art and Expression Group

"QuillingArtExpression" is a Yahoo Group that shares lots of information about quilling, paper filigree, filigrana, spreuer,teabag folding and other paper crafts.

To join, visit QuillingArtExpression and click on the 'Join this Group' button.

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Free Quilling Patterns
Are you looking for quilling patterns? You have come to the right place. Lots of free patterns for you try.
quilling quilled daisy
7 Petal Daisy

This is your basic Daisy pattern, quick and easy. A classic quilled design.
quilling quilled butterfly
Quilled Butterfly

A beautiful butterfly to carry your messages on her wings.
quilling loose coil shape
Patriotic Ladybug

This is a patriotic ladybug who is spending some time checking out my quilled flowers. She is not your traditional red and black ladybug, she is Red, White, and Blue.
quilling teardrop raindrop shape
Thanksgiving Turkey

Good enough to eat, a twist on a traditional Thanksgiving icon. This is done in the style of "Creative Quilling Traditional and Modern Designs" By Trees Tra and Pieter Van Der Wolk.
quilling quilled poinsettia

A simple Quilled Christmas Poinsettia project. This is a classic that is perfect to add a string and make an ornament to hang on your tree.
quilling quilled poinsettia
Gilded Poinsettia

The gilded paper makes this Christmas Poinsettia breath taking.
quilling loose scroll open coil shape
Open Coil Christmas Tree

Very easy Christmas Tree design, can be done by children and adults alike.
quilling s scroll shape
Fancy Quilled Ornament

This is a small ornament for your scrapbook Christmas layout, or Christmas cards, or possibly for your tree.

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