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Fun Stuff
Free Quilled Heart 
Free Quilled Heart Pattern
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The Quilling Art and Expression Group

"QuillingArtExpression" is a Yahoo Group that shares lots of information about quilling, paper filigree, filigrana, spreuer,teabag folding and other paper crafts.

To join, visit QuillingArtExpression and click on the 'Join this Group' button.

Join the Adventure!

Welcome to the Heartfelt by Anton website!

I am so glad that you decided to visit. Whether you have come to look around or are interested in learning more, I hope that you enjoy your stay. Look around at greeting cards with photographs and quilling, as well as custom, hand made quilled items. I love to create one of a kind, framed items so please check out my Custom work.

please bookmark this site and visit often as I will be adding new things all the time. Please check out my Etsy Store to place an order. If you don't see something please fill out my Contact Form and let me know what you would like to see.

Check out the North American Quilling Guild. This is a group dedicated to promoting the art of quilling!

Thank you, Antonella

Quilled Daisy Free Patterns
If you are interested in Quilling, or Paper Filigree, I have lots of **FREE** tutorials and patterns.

If you need help with making the basic quilling shapes, you can find instructions here. From the basic coil and scroll shapes you can make most any quilled design.

Interested in Flowers? What about a Butterfly? Or birds and birdhouses? Angels and Crosses? How about some winter stuff like a Snowman or Poinsettia or Christmas Trees? This and so much more!


Quilled Bird and Flowers Quilling Blog
Want to learn more about Quilling, or Paper Filigree or Filigrana? Check out my Quilling Blog for information, instructions, inspiration and free patterns.


Pink Dogwood Photo Cards
This beautiful pink dogwood is an example of the Cards that I make featuring real photographs. They are great ordered as a set of personal notecards or I can add a special greeting to the front for your special occasion. There is a large selection of photographs to choose from, come and browse to pick your favorite ones.


Hummingbird Custom Quilling
Come and see my quilled cards. More than just a card, they are a keepsake to treasure for years to come. These are custom, handmade designs. No two are exactly the same, why not share a unique card and gift?

A special occasion? A Wedding, New Baby, Graduation, Prom, Christening, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Dance Recitals, whatever the event share a framed keepsake that will be treasured for a lifetime. Each item is custom designed for your special occasion.

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