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Now the end is near - it is time to say goodbye. Well, until next month that is!!! We will restart after Christmas on Tuesday January 11th, 2000. The Club wishes you a very happy and pleasant Christmas and a joyful and memorable New Year. No doubt we shall all have much to talk about once we reconvene.

Members organise and man stand at Computer Fairs!! Following the decision to accept the offer to promote the Club at the Prestige Computer Fairs we have attended numerous Fairs and the Club membership has expanded as a result.We do need more help, however, and the ideal number is 6 members each doing 1 hour or 3 members each doing 2 hours. When a Fair is in the offing a manning sheet is put out between the Refreshment table and the Administration Table.

Speed of erection is important and we should manage it in about 10 minutes with dismantling taking a similar time. I thank all of those who assisted. I hope you all enjoyed the experience. It certainly was a new way to meet people whom you would have normally brushed by.


You will have noticed Alan Wiseman rushing around from time to time consulting various persons for names, addresses, telephone numbers and the like. This was to construct a data-base for the Newsletter. The Newsletter, when published, has your name printed at the top right hand corner on the front page. They are then put out on a table nearest to the main entrance to the building. If at the end of the month they are still there they are then posted out. This starts with the NEXT edition (#4), in 2000, as this edition (#3) will be (was) posted out mid-December having been prepared for the 1st December, '99.


This will occur in February at 8.30 pm on the 22nd. This is Notice of that meeting. We are very informal. The Business will be to review the Club's progress since the previous catalytic meeting; Consider the Finances, including the Refreshment Bar; Adopt the Rules (these are necessary because we may well need a Bank Account at some time in the near future. No Rules or Minutes - No Bank Account). Any other Business, and then that's it!


It cannot have escaped your notice that various Refreshments are now being provided at about 8.15 pm. Someone comes rushing out of the Kitchin and bangs a tin-tray and utters something entirely unintelligible to signal the Refreshments are ready. Endless refills and biscuits all for 40p. It's a bargain!

Well, that's what we thought. We've since learnt that a mouse with four legs was lost and now resides in the kitchin. A mouse virus protector is being ordered to eliminate this piece of hardware.

The contribution to the Club funds has been significant and the future of the Club is, as we write, secure. We must say a very sincere thank you to Tony and Val Bardy for their splendid efforts in helping to run this despite the report that one person had 3 cups of tea and 4 biscuits in October!!


Recently Channel 6 on CableTel (NTL) began carrying an advertisement for us and we have written to Chiltern Radio to see if they will do like-wise. In January we will look at 3 Counties Radio and see if they will carry a free advert. In February we may well look at the local papers. Perhaps someone, in the Club, could find and design a free *Website for us.

[*This has now happened! - Webmaster]


The Club funds are steadily growing and once we reach a stable figure, after all expenses have been met, we will look at the possibility of an Annual Trip to say a Manchester or Birmingham Fair. Whilst we would charge for the travel and you would pay the entry fee the Club's surplus would then guarantee the financing of such an activity. Perhaps you would consider other Social Activities and if so then speak up in February. Maybe the last meeting of the year should be a party!


This is our third newsletter and the Club is a much more vibrant place following the meeting early last year when it was decided we needed an adrenaline shot. Well you, me and the Club have had one and the numbers attending have gone up sufficiently to cover our costs of operating. Refer to your programmes for the New Year when we reconvene on January 11th. The last meeting of this year (1999) will be on the 21st December, 1999.

Before closing it would not be proper to ignore the fact that we are a Computer club. During the Autumn we have had 2 nights when no computers were present. Will members please make every effort to bring a computer.

We have also had Terry Cook deliver a slide show on LINUX and Wilf James followed a fortnight later with the HISTORY OF THE PC. These meetings were well attended and we say a very sincere thank you to Terry and Wilf.

John Peachey has been a brick in manning Computer Fairs and once again, John, a very sincere thank you.

News & Views" please to Terry on 01234-345 416 or Alan on 01462-453402(voice) and -630 863 (fax)

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