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Haunted Warriors - Rules


We would like to welcome you to the Haunted Warriors Official Website. We hope that you
enjoy yourself and have all of your questions answered. If you want to know something and
think it should be on the website somewhere, please email or
neomail Neosoccer_Master. We would love to hear your feedback on the new website!

Firstly, we have to get down some ground Rules
before we can go fighting eachother and whatnot. They are simple rules and everyone
has to abide by them.

Now, to the fun stuff, GUILD WARS! As of right now, disturbed_death411 is incharge
of the Wars and I have gotten no information about the wars at all at this point in time.
When I know something, you will know something. Promise.

Alright! There is a Game Competition going up right about now. It will go up until May of 2006,
and then the game will change into another one. You can go to the competition page by clicking here.