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What is a scam page?


Scam page is a fake webpage. e.g. a login of a popular website, online bank login and etc. depending on what it is. scam page are used by spammers to collect data on people who get scammed. detecting scam page is simple if you are technology oriented.
but most common users can't detect scam page. this is a big problem in the www. some company are developing software to combat scam's or phishing scams - phishing is the term used
for this scam.

Download ScamPage - you can download scam page here!

What's Hot?

Credit Card Generator - Generates New Credit cards.
BOA-Scam page - this is an .asp script used by scammers to get BOA Logins
PHPmailer - this is a php script used to send mass emails.
Email Spider - this tool will scan the internet for email addresses, harvest it
                   and saves all the email address to a single file.



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