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Wednesday, 3 May 2006
Welcome to Åscension!
Topic: Home
I realize this isn't exactly the most glamorous site but our current site is still pending final changes. So until then this will be our means of posting guild policy's and procedures. Bear with us hopefully the new site will be up and running soon.

Posted by planet/guildascension at 9:43 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 3 May 2006 10:13 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 2 May 2006
Officers of Åscension
Topic: Officers
This is a briefing of general officer responsibilities

Guild Concerns: Carries out and has the idea of the plan of the guild and its direction.

1.Member concerns: Funnels information to the GM from guildies like suggestions on strategies and or recruitment or anything else that could be handled by an officer in and out of raids. Try to listen to the concerns and present the information if u think it is valid to the GM in a concise and brief explanation.
2.Conflict: Resolves conflict within the guild if at all possible, consults GM if no resolution is found in a timely manner, please do this with a light hand.
3.Conflict amongst the Officers: All party members involved contact the GM asap if unable to resolve.
4.Raids: Able to lead and be responsible for a raid
5.DKP: Responsible for tracking and reporting all dkp accumulated and spent.
6.Resources: Responsible for acquiring all raw mats on raid to be sent back to guild bank when raid is over.
7.Strategies: Will go out of there way to work with GM and other officer to discuss strategies and plans on current bosses we are on.
Duties: Is assigned specific duties to be carried out consistently. If unable to keep up orneedhelp please talk with the GM.

Assigned responsibilities:
Specific assigned duties
1.Resources: In the beginning responsible for resources, later on just the management of those finished and non finished resources. To be assigned at officer meetings.
2.DKP: Responsible for retrieving tracking and reporting all dkp accumulated and spent on the site.
3.Recruitment: Working with the class leads for possible membership. Also outside interest in the the guild.
4.Site Management: Responsible for maintenance on the site and monetary backing.
5.Vent management: monetary and accesses for officers.

Time: Is a very active player, we realize that RL has the priority. If RL needs to take a priority then announce it to the other officers we will appoint a different officer in your place.


Is assigned specific duties to be carried out consistently

Posted by planet/guildascension at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 3 May 2006 10:22 PM EDT
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Åscension Mission Statement
Topic: Mission Statement
Mission Statement

1.Chemistry/Harmony/Fun: This will be the main goal and will be held at the highest regard and enforced at all times.
2.Mastery/Excellence: Will be the expected level of the member player
3.Progression: Thou Most everything in the guild will try and support the number one goal
4.Organization: Having a schedule that allows members to have life outside of wow being able to count on a raid time.

These are lofty goals thou the Reasons for the above, most of the member players have had progression and success at the expense of the above in other guilds. Progression will follow after we achieve the first rule as some of us have seen. As soon as we enter Mc with a full raid we should complete it with allowances for time. We have the experience and knowledge to do this.

Code of Conduct
This is the Code of Conduct we expect all guild members to follow.

Within the Guild
1.Family: As we spend a considerable amount of time in WoW our guild has to be considered a family.
2.Respect: All members of the guild must be treated with respect at all times.
3.Member Problems/issues: with another guild member must be dealt with by tells, whispers, accessing support of Guild officers if necessary. Any problems you have should be resolved by us before you involve people outside of the guild (Regardless where is comes from).
4.Guild chat: Bringing personal issues/problems into guild chat only creates further tension and involves people that can escalate the problem.
5.Advice: If you are in a position to give advice then provide this in a professional manner please do so, thou not from a position of authority but as a friend.
6.Maturity: All guild members should help one another, and act in a mature fashion. This includes going to raids/ instances for another's benefit to strengthen our guild.
7.Support: Your guild is your support and first place to look for help, friendship and guidance in WoW.
8.Loyalty and Commitment: We expect it from all members.
9.Drama: We do not need or want people who thrive on drama or use it to their advantage.
10.Leaving the Guild: because of a problem. Members who will NOT be invited back to the guild. You have ample time to speak to our officers and mediate the problem before leaving,
11.Equality: No member of the Guild has special dispensation or granted privileges above others. We are all treated as equals (read Loot rules however), with officers being the leaders among equals.
Guild members found working against our policies or not being loyal will be removed from the guild or punished in some way

Interaction with Alliance:

12.Dealings: We need to act in a mature and responsible manner with all of them.
13.Perception: Alliance on our server are our allies, though they are not in our guild we will treat and view them as a potential members of the guild.
14.Other guilds: We do not want any unnecessary problems from other guilds or Alliance that can be avoided so please treat them as you would like to be treated yourself.
15.Spam, Rude language or Abusive behavior: Will not be tolerated as it creates a negative impression of our guild. This includes criticizing, getting into fights with non-members on their play style. Thank them and move on we have nothing to prove to them no matter how right or wrong they are.
Guild members found working against our policies or not being loyal will be removed from the guild or punished
We will strive to be the most known and respected guild on the server and the actions of one member can seriously impact this view.

Horde :

16.Encounters: When you encounter horde you are expected to behave like a soldier and remain professional. The Horde are our enemies but they are real people and as such respect of them is expected. Thou we are at WAR, camping is not tolerated unless it is started by horde.
17.Friends: If you are friends with Horde due to alternate characters, do not use this advantage to pose a problem to other Alliance. Even thou it may be funny.
Guild members found working against our policies or not being loyal will be removed from the guild or punished


18. Perception: Realm and our forums are the first experience to our guild other than personal interaction for alot of Alli/Horde into how our guild and/ our people behave. You need to act in the same way as you are expected to act as a guild member in the game. If anything your actions on the forums are more wide-reaching than inside the game. They are a reflection of who we are. So behave as an adult and keep posts light hearted when you challenge someone.

Posted by planet/guildascension at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 3 May 2006 10:27 PM EDT
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Monday, 1 May 2006
Raiding Policy
Raiding Members Guidelines and Obligatory Rules:

This is a lose translation of what is expected of the members before and during a raid (mainly Molten Core & BWL). These rules do not always apply to small raids.

Obligatory raids
Any large scale raid for an outdoor boss, or high-end content instance. These raids will be announced in advance, and posted on our MOTD whenever possible

1.Punctuality: All members are expected to be able to attend and be free for an invite when the scheduled raid time comes.
2.Attendance: Members who repeatedly miss Obligatory raids without a good reason will be removed from the main guild and placed in the friends/recruiter guild.
3.Preparedness: All members are expected to have armor fixed, arrows/bullets, regents before heading to the raid site.

Raid Leader (RL)
1.Vent talk: The RL will be listened to when he talks on vent. All other conversation and emotes etc should immediately finish.
1.Plan: RL decides where we attack, who we attack and when we attack.
2.Questions and Comments: *Please note that the RL should be considered very busy during a raid so any questions should be asked/ whispered to the officers on the raid. The officers will contact the RL if they deem it necessary at the time, later unless it directly effects the actions of the raid.

Loot Master (LM)
LM will be the RL most of the time unless he requests another to do this job.

1.BOE's: LM takes all BOE items when they drop, either for the guild bank or for later distribution He will place an item up for bid and when item deserves a roll (and who is applicable to roll) and when a item should be distributed (with the help of other officers present). Our LM takes all BOE items when they drop, either for the guild bank or for later distribution
2.BOP's: Will be handled by the LM including the bids.
3.Green BOE's: will always be taken and d/e'd up for the guild enchanters. Pm the LM if you need a green BOE for use.


1.Combat: PL is the sole person responsible for combat .
2.Warning: PL will give a warning before he pulls so please be ready.
3.Multiple Pullers: It will be anounced if there is more than one PL.
4.Marking: for dps, sole responsibility of the PL unless otherwise assigned

Class leaders(CL):

1.Buffs: CL will assign a person or persons the special class abilities buffs in there class at the start of the raid.
2.Rebuffing: CL's responsibility to announce in there class channel when expired.
3.Death: All CL 's will insure rez'd people get there proper buffs
4.Bosses: CL's will broadcast in there class channel what special action there class is suppose to perform on a boss and assign specific persons to do so on a boss.

Other responsibilities of raid members:

1.Vent chat out of combat: All raid members to avoid excessive spam in chat, do not blurt out your opinion of how the strategy for the current boss should go. Pst officers they in turn will bring it to the RL if they deem necessary.
2.Vent chat During combat: all talk/ chat should cease apart from tactical conversation to assist the combat. We have no need to hear that u died unless it detracts from the fight i.e. If u are a healer you say your name and who u are healing.
3.Vent Requests on for Buffs: Do not request in vent paladin or any other buffs, pst the CL for your buff, unless you are about to engage a boss. Thou in paly buffs for grps takes regents so just because u feel u need them at the time do not expect them. They are not essential on trash mobs and just slow us down. Feel free to badger your CL if your not getting it in continual back to back trash mob fights.

Posted by planet/guildascension at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 3 May 2006 10:25 PM EDT
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