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Kevin Sullivan spends his vacations at a nudist colony.

Lita has been pissed on by Steve Corino and Danny Doring.

Tommy Rich soaked his balls in a beer mug full of hydrogen peroxide.

There were constant bisexual orgies in the OMEGA locker room.

Roddy Piper had a young manservant type who traveled with him wherever he went, holding his bags, opening doors for him, etc. Piper and others referred to the young boy as "cocksucker" as thought it was his name.

Virgil got a job by unleashing his hose on Pat Patterson's desk.

Kerry Von Erich really had his foot amputated because he thought he could walk across a room on his just-surgically repaired foot for a cheeseburger, thus crushing it.

Randy Orton has released every bodily fluid possible in divas’ bags, at some point or another.

Kerry Von Erich saw a cat in the All Japan locker room. He decides to put the iron claw on it, killing the poor kitty.

Juvintud Guerrera, strung out on ecstasy that Glen Gilbertti had allegedly given him, once ran naked through a hotel, screaming. The police were called in and he ended up attacking a female officer, either breaking or bruising her ribs. They had to subdue him with pepper spray before arresting him.

Steve Lombardi (Brooklyn Brawler) is/was Pat Patterson's lover.

Chris Champion went to jail for inappropriately touching an underage girl. While he was wearing his Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtle costume.

Trish Stratus and Lillian Garcia have gotten to “know each other” on frequent occasion.

CM Punk banged BJ Whitmer’s wife while dating Tracy Brooks.

Jim Cornette has used his tennis racket for a variety of purposes other than tennis and wrestling spots...

El Dandy's banged both Lita and Fishman and Lola Gonzales's hot daughter.

Dusty Rhodes booked Rick Steiner to beat Ric Flair in 20 seconds at Starrcade 1988.

Superstar Billy Graham once injected Clorox on a dare.

Gangrel and Luna are swingers and love to swap out with other couples.

Jimmy Snuka killed his girlfriend and played the innocent savage in front of the police while Vince did the talking for him.

John Cena has been with eight rats at the same time.

Raven got caught in a hotel room with Becky Bayless at age 14.

Despite what you see on TV, Brooke Hogan is a total slut.

At an indy show, Sabu had oral sex on one of the valets in the locker room but when one of the other wrestlers asked him if it was good, he said something along the lines of "smell my mustache."

The constant bullying and humiliation of Tiger Jackson (Dink) at the hands of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash was brutal. One particular torment involved Hall drawing a big black dot on Jackson's bald head, giving him the locker room title of "penis boy."

Samoa Joe is pretty much an alcoholic.

Shawn Michaels once invited three hot girls back to his hotel room. He told them to all get naked and get on their knees. They figured it was going to be a suckfest, but he whipped out his ding dong and proceeded to take a piss in each of their mouths.

The Iron Sheik was offered $100K to break Hogan's legs instead of dropping the belt to him.

Apparently after Lawler first arrived in the good old WWF a lot of people disliked him for his general arrogant attitude. Hall, Nash, Michaels, and Hennig didn't take to this too well. At one of the Royal Rumbles, when Lawler left his crown in the dressing room to go do his part in the Rumble, they decided to shit in his crown. They apparently filled it up to the brim.

Adam Copeland (Edge) is deathly afraid of rabbits.

Matt Striker had a three-way with Mase and Buff E. backstage at a JAPW show in 2002.

Taka Michinoku banged Tammy Sytch while Chris Candido watched.

Buff Bagwell broke into wrestling by blowing Bert Prentice. Then Ronnie P. Gossett paid to blow Bagwell.

Mae Young and The Fabulous Moolah are a lesbian couple.

During Eddy Guerrero's /initial cleanup period, Brian Christopher asked him if he wanted to get high at the FWA UK Revival show.

Pedro Morales pawned his WWWF belt.

Simon Dean (Nova) enjoys the feel of pudding…

Randy Orton and Dave Batista have toked backstage on many an occasion.

Tammy Sytch has phone sex with indy guys.

There's a polaroid from the 80s of Ric Flair playing the skin flute floating around the ‘net.

Brian Pillman and Tom Zenk double teamed Terri Runnels.

During one of those Nitros where the wrestlers had to stay under the ring the entire show, Curt Hennig and Scott Norton were under the ring. Hennig had to shit and, obviously, he couldn’t leave to go. So he went right there under the ring.

During the Gold Club investigation, Eric Bischoff admitted that he enjoyed watching his wife and one of the strippers get it on in their hotel room.

Teddy Long has a belly button fetish.

A coked up Kerry and Kevin Von Erich were once playing with a saw blade in the back hallways at the Sportatorium. Kerry saw a cat, so he threw the saw blade at the cat, killing it.

Viscera had sex with Nicole Bass on a dare.

Bradshaw (JBL) tied up a wrestler in the shower while he was naked and rubbed baby oil all over him threatening to rape him until he cried while the locker room looked on and laughed. I think the victim might have date-raped a girl, or may have just not been well-liked. It was never specified who the victim was other than this happened in like '98 or '99 and the guy was a fairly well known wrestler. It might have been Brian Christopher (Grandmaster Sexxay).

Some of the Smokey Mountain guys liked to take pisses in hotel ice machines.

Dave Batista had affair with Melina Perez while his wife was battling cancer.

Jeff Hardy has injected heroin into his eyeball. He also really is straight, so ex-nay on him liking dooods.

Remember when David Flair quit IWA Puerto Rico due to unfit living conditions? And everybody ragged on him when they found out IWA had put him up in a nice house? Well, that nice house belonged to Victor Quiones. I shouldn't have to say anymore, but I will. David was sleeping one night and was woken up by Quiones standing over him about to blow a load on his face. David quit the next day.

John Cena and Lillian Garcia are fuck buddies.

Jerry Lawler has a well known foot fetish and he was once caught by a valet (ECW/USWA rat Miss Patricia) jacking off into her shoes.

Kerry Von Erich was preparing for a match, getting his gear on and listening to his Walkman, but he was so fucked up he somehow laced the headphone cable into his boot laces.

Randy Savage had his way with Stephanie (back when she was about 14). That was the end of his career in the WWF.

Andre The Giant once called Kamala a ni**er and Kamala stuck a gun to his face. Andre was nice to Kamala after that.

Lita took off for Mexico in the 90s and banged anyone down there that would "train" her in the ring.

Pat Patterson had a special "relationship" with Jacques Rougeau in the 80's.

Sabu kicked a bag down some stairs and all around the locker room and then opened the bag and a cat came out. All while wearing an “I Love Cats” t-shirt.

The Clique and some of the other WWF wrestlers would make The Eliminators dress out in the hall instead of the locker room.

A married Kurt Angle used to bang Jacqueline on the road.

Jushin Liger has one of the worst pock marked faces you’ll ever see.

The Iron Sheik used to do headstands while snorting coke.

Paul Heyman's firing from WCW had to allegedly do with embezzlement of funds. The example being that he would have two sets of bills for road expenses thus, I believe, overcharging WCW.

Davey Boy Smith asked Dynamite Kid about steroids, so Dynamite gave him what he seemingly thought would be his first injection. Only thing was Dynamite put milk in the syringe.

Taz showed his penis to a teen at a tanning salon. He did that to the females in ECW too all the time.

Paul Heyman used to get blowjobs behind the ECW parking lot at 3:00 AM, while writing checks to a line of wrestlers.

Yes, Chris Benoit “stole” Nancy Sullivan from Kevin Sullivan.

Stephanie McMahon has a strap-on and has used it on Austin, HHH, and Chyna.

Luscious and Paul London apparently had a little fling that London ended up breaking off before heading for his stint in Florida, training and working for Dory Funk Jr. The thing is, Luscious, jealous as hell, decided she was going to follow him there and ended up starting to hang out around the BANG school. They ended up being booked on opposite ends of a mixed-gender tag and London "took his frustrations" out on her during the match.

Owen Hart never drank. One night Bret spiked his drink with halcyon so he got totally wasted and ended up passing out.

Bill DeMott shat on Buff Bagwell's face while he was sleeping.

CW Anderson, Steve Corino, and Brian Kendrick got high in a hotel room while in Japan with two Japanese chicks. The two girls tied them up, pulled own their pants, spanked them with a tail brush, and poured hot candle wax on Spanky’s ass.

Ron Killings and BG James used to drive to Impact tapings just so they could smoke weed, as they couldn’t on planes.

Jerry Lynn, Sabu, and Simon Diamond all have special totes for their pills.

Raven used to walk around naked backstage in TNA.

Chris Harris would go over to Bob Ryder's apartment and jack off for him.

Elix Skipper, Sonny Siaki, and David Young have performed in gay wrestling videos.

Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels used to like to tag team Rhonda Shear in semi-public places.

Bob Ryder was addicted to male prostitutes, once spending $40,000 over two months on man sex alone.

Missy Hyatt met Tommy Rich at age sixteen. She was still a virgin (every orifice), but blew him on the way to a show. At the show, she blew someone else for a meal. Virgin no more.

Rita Chatteron, the first WWF female referee, once alleged that she was raped by Vince McMahon in the back of his limo. Jim Stuart (chauffeur) corroborated her account and filed a lawsuit of his own, alleging that during his WWF employment he had been forced into witnessing the commission of crimes. Both cases were dismissed or settled out of court.

Norman Smiley once knocked out Rick Steiner with a single punch in a bar fight.

Tammy Sytch and Chris Candido once had a threesome with Jake Roberts for some of his crack.

Sable was a stripper who offered “extras” for a price before she met Marc Mero. He ‘employed’ her and was so impressed with her services that he took her on the road with him in WCW. Since he wasn’t out for a serious relationship (just wanted the regular POA), he’d pimp her out to the boys for returns. She got knocked up and Mero felt obligated to marry her, even though the pregnancy was handled.

Jeep Swenson would pimp out his wife to the boys backstage.

The Freebirds would initiate newbies pissing on them while they showered.

Andre the Giant would regularly shit in hotel bath tubs.

Balls Mahoney is a Satanist.

James Mitchell, Raven, and CW Anderson are atheists.

Paul Heyman didn't pay his roster in ECW for well over a month while the company was dying. He didn’t even show up to the shows. The boys who hadn’t figured out the company was dead, eventually did so by seeing him on Raw.

While Missy Hyatt was dating Jake Roberts, Jake had this thing where he liked to go to bars and watch other guys hit on Missy. He’d come in and stare down the guy talking to her until they’d freak and walk away.

Ric Flair wouldn’t fuck a woman if she had removed all of her pubic hair.

Stephanie McMahon isn’t the only member of the McMahon family Triple H has had relations with over the years.

Sid Vicious (Psycho Sid, Sid Justice, Sid) used to take a squirrel with him everywhere he he would go. One day, a couple of the wrestlers bet him that he couldn’t keep the squirrel down his pants for a full minute. Sid, brilliant man that he was, accepted their challenge. Thirty seconds in the squirrel bit him in the dick, causing Sid to drop the floor, crushing the poor thing dead. He had to get rabies shots and stitches afterwards.

Alexis Laree (Mickie James) has done fetish photography.

Raven has a HUGE dick.

Steve Austin wouldn’t allow Debra to talk to any of the other boys in the back and would lock her in their hotel room when he would go out, he was so obsessively ‘protective’ of her.

Collette Foley used to negotiate with Vince, to get more money if/when Mick took certain bumps or other abuse.

Towel Boy Eric Tuttle gave Tommy Dreamer head to get into ECW.

Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart taught Davey Boy Smith how to drug his wife's orange juice right before bed time each night, so he could anally rape his wife in her sleep.

The Dynamite Kid broke his niece’s kneecaps for insurance money with a hammer while the father held her down. The girl still walks with a limp.

Road Warrior Hawk abused Rhesus Monkey Hormones.

Brian Pillman was a racist.

The Rock had an affair with Trish Stratus.

When Tommy Dreamer and Francine were an item, Dreamer would not let Francine to shit in their room. Francine would have to knock on other talents’ doors and ask to use their bathroom.

At WM XIII Psycho Sid shit his pants in the match with the Undertaker.

Raven would stick the hotel TV remote control in Francine in whatever hotel they traveled to.

One day, back in 1996, Tammy Sytch and Chris Candido ran out of nose candy and had blown through all of their cash, so they couldn’t buy more. They approached Ahmed Johnson for an eight ball on credit and he laughed at them, saying he didn’t do credit. They bartered it down to Tammy fucking him and off Ahmed and Tammy went to his room. After they finished, instead of Tammy going back to Chris and using her pay with Chris, she went to Shawn Michaels room for the rest of the night and did the coke with him. The next morning, Sytch still hasn’t returned to Candido’s room, so he freaks and goes down to the reception desk and runs into Michaels. Michaels patted him on the shoulder, pushes a nostril closed, and says, “Thanks for the bump, Chris.” Candido stormed out of the lobby and finally found Sytch back in their room. They got into a huge fight at this point, which resulted in him quitting the WWF that day without notice.

When Arn Anderson passed out in a bar in Georgia in 1995, he pissed all over himself. Hulk Hogan had major scar tissues on his ass from so many (steroid) injections.

During her college days, Stephanie McMahon would take a limo with her girlfriends into NYC, hit all the clubs, pick up guys, fuck them in the limo, and then kick them out in the middle of nowhere and drive off.

Sean Waltman would mock Bob Backlund for not drinking or doing drugs. One day, Backland took him down with a hold and sat on him for an hour, not letting him up. Waltman rarely ever said a word to Backlund again after this.

Randy Savage did cocaine backstage, when he was appearing on the Arsenio Hall Show.

Lita and Luna Vachon flung. They once were caught making out backstage.

Mongo McMichael was a coke and morphine addict, who used to beat the shit out of Debra while they were married.

One night Brian Christopher decided to rib Flex Kavana (The Rock) when he was working Memphis by telling him to get a ride to the next town with JC Ice. On the ride, Ice, who was driving, spent time alternately rolling joints and snorting coke while swerving the car like a lunatic. Kavana got to the dressing room of the show and ripped into Christopher.

Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore have had more than friendly relations.

One time, one of the Bushwhackers once entered a shower and put his mouth around Adrian Adonis' dick. When Adrian jumped and freaked out, the Bushwhacker said "Blew your gimmick, mate!"

Jerry Lawler would pay the boys who worked for him in food stamps when the times got really tough.

One year, back in their AWA days, Shawn Michaels got Marty Jannetty a hooker for his birthday and had her show up at the TV studio on the day of interview tapings. She proceeded to give him a blowjob while the cameras were left running. Verne Gagne's daughter showed up that day while the production crew was watching the replay of the action.

Larry Zybsko’s first wife would leave naked photos of her self on the cars of the boys, with her phone number and address on the back.

Sherri Martel and Larry Zybsko had a FWB relationship.

Ahmed Johnson used to brag about how he’d pimp out under-age girls, once saying he had them so pimped, he used their tongues for toilet paper.

Nikolai Volkoff was constantly degraded by the boys during his run as Ted DiBiase's lackey. Brian "Crush" Adams would constantly insult him and Bryan "Adam Bomb" Clarke would hold Volkoff down and give him noogies and pink.

The character of TL Hopper was created because of Pat Patterson's secret plunger fetish.

Madusa was a huge rat when she was working for the WWF. Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Curt Hennig all hit that.

CM Punk was banging Tracy Brooks while dating Lucy/Daffney. He’d kick it with Brooks while in TNA territory, go back to OVW land and mess with Lucy, and then back to Brooks at ROH shows on the weekends. This lasted for awhile, until Lucy got let go by the WWE and asked Punk about possibly going back to ROH. Punk lied to her and told her there was no room and then dumped her. Lucy was devastated, especially after she found out the truth. She quit the business for awhile because of it.

Hulk Hogan’s nickname in the early 1980s was “The Tampa Pipeline” because he dealt quite the potpourri of drugs to the boys.

On the night of a Raw, Vince McMahon was in his office doing paper work. Shawn Michaels burst in. He told Vince that he just saw Viscera on the hood of a limo snorting the longest line of cocaine he'd ever seen in his life (note: it had to be huge, since you have to assume Michaels had seen a lot of them in his life). Before Vince could say anything, Vis walked in. Michaels asked Vis if what he was saying was true. Vis, in full coke voice, agreed. Vince fired him on the spot.

A coked-up Jeff Jarrett and Road Dogg did the Fargo strut down the hallway of a hotel. Fully naked, except for the IC belt (Jarrett) and a cowboy hat (RD).

Mable (Viscera) got a bunch of guys kicked out of a diner after telling their waitress that he wanted her "luscious pussy lips on a plate.”

Tony Atlas had a shoe fetish and would jerk off in girls’ shoes that he would steal shoes from rats. He also paid hookers to step on his face wearing heeled boots.

Jeff Jarrett wanted Chyna to do him with a strap on. She refused. He offered to pay her. She still refused and that's why she'll never show up in TNA.

Teddy Hart smuggled some pot over the Canadian border when he went to the last Ballpark Brawl.

Jerry Lawler liked to share Stacy Carter with workers while he watched.

Paul Roma did ‘favors’ for Pat Patterson, which resulted in the Young Stallions getting a push.

Nailz confronted Vince McMahon about his pay from Summer Slam 1992. McMahon wouldn’t budge, so Nailz attacked him and choked him out. Agents broke up the fight. Later, he claimed that McMahon molested him.

Bobby Heenan and Nick Bockwinkel, if they couldn't find anyone else, would help each other out with a knob job from time to time.

Francine liked to flash her implants and got passed around the ECW locker room countless times over.

TNA pitched to Macho Man the idea of a worked shoot angle/feud with Lex Luger on the basis that he (Luger) killed Miss Elizabeth.

Jackie Gayda blew everyone from Vince to Al Snow to Big John to get her contract and change it to two girls winning TE, as opposed to the conventional ending.

Zach Gowen had his leg stolen at virtually every show he worked in WWE.

Gangrel got into a fight with a young kid that just started working the shows because the kid had almost the same gimmick as him. He kept yelling at him "Give me my gimmick back" and " You took my gimmick" as he kicked the crap out of him.

Dawn Marie would give head to some of the wrestlers for rides to buy coke and pot after shows.

Vince McMahon asked Goldust to get breast implants. It was seriously considered.

During the WCW days, Juvintud Guerrera and Psicosis wanted to rib Brad Armstrong by acting like they were going to run over him with a car. Unfortunately, Juvi (the driver) was completely stoned and actually ran over him, destroying Brad's ankle.

The real reason Raven got fired back when he was Johnny Polo and got a shitty deal durning his Raven run with the WWE was because Vince blames him for corrupting both Shane and Stephanie. He would take Shane out all night partying and load him up on coke and angel dust. He also gave Stephanie weed when she was 14.

Sean Waltman (X-Pac) pushed around a fan at an amusement park because the guy was pestering him for an autograph. The guy, of course, sued him and they ended up settling.

Ricky Morton and Ric Flair got really loaded one night and went out on Morton’s boat with some buddies. They drove a number of miles out on the lake. A few minutes into the journey though, Flair fell off the boat. The bad part: no one noticed for a long period of time. When they finally did notice, they went back to find Flair flailing in the water. He got back up on the boat and was upset. His clothes were went and he was missing a sock. Never once worried about dying.

Sabu once bitch slapped a fan for using his real name outside of a show. What he didn’t know was that the guy was a childhood friend that he had not seen in like 15 years.

Sabu sometimes smokes pot before matches to help with the pain.

Eric Bischoff regularly hit on the female talent in WCW and would get the boys hookers to keep them happy. He would also swap wives with DDP frequently – that’s how DDP got his first big title run.

David Flair pimped Stacey Keibler out to people for a variety of returns.

After a show Juvintud Guerrera was banging some prostitute, high as a kite, with Norman Smiley in the bed next to his, doing running commentary while watching his own match he was just in on TV.

The only reason Triple H was in The Clique was because he used to carry Scott Hall's and Kevin Nash's bags.

Ed “Brutus Beefcake” Leslie is gay and only will sleep with black guys. He also only works for promotions that get him blow.

Randy Savage used to keep Elizabeth locked up in a separate dressing room during WWF shows so no one would look at her.

Terry Funk got caught banging Terri Runnels by his wife.

Jake Roberts was prone to traveling with a big pink dildo in his gear bag for himself.

At the beginning of the Attitude Era, when Vince was going nuts with merchandising ideas, one of his pet concepts was for a set of WWF Legends commemorative cock rings which would have been available in adult specialty stores like Spencer’s.

Eddie Guerrero snorted coke off a stripper’s ass right in the middle of the club.

Homicide punched a fire extinguisher in his hotel, shattering glass and causing him to miss a show the next day and the ROH show after that. He must have been intoxicated because he kept hollering "That damn thing owed me money!" after he punched it.

Scott Hall took a dump in Tammy Sytch's lunch on a tour in Germany in the spring of 1996.

Crowbar almost found himself dead at a show in the North East. He accused Low Ki of stealing his "heat" because he kicked out of his facebuster. Low Ki didn't know it was his finisher and when he found out laughed his ass off. Crowbar shoved him and within half a second The DHS had him against a locker and Homicide had a straight razor to his neck.

Dynamite Kid used to wake his wife up by putting a pistol to her head and pulling the trigger once her eyes opened. Then he would say, "One day, it will be loaded."

Chris Benoit invented the triple German suplex back in the 80s. Steve Strong was the Trans-Canadian Heavyweight Champion, but was a real dick about it backstage, so one day before a match with Benoit, Beef Wellington jacked off all over the back of the belt before he put it on. Once the match began, Strong's belly was so sticky that Benoit couldn't get his arms off of it until after the third suplex.

At least 4 people in (real) ECW killed someone.

Killer Khan stole a homeless man's hooch and threatened to give him a Mongolian chop when he complained.

When New Jack worked for XPW, he use to go to a warehouse for Extreme Associates and Rob Black would pay him in hundreds of porn DVDs.

Hugh Morris once broke Matthew Lesko's jaw in a barfight over the question marks on their outfits.

Tony Atlas witnessed the murder of Bruiser Brody but wouldn't testify in court.

Back in the 70s/80s, ring announcer Gary Michael Cappetta did some work for the WWWF in Pennsylvania. Gary saw a young teenager, and went to talk with him. Gary asked the teen what he knew about wrestling, and the teen said that it was important to make the talent feel like they were useless, because then you don't have to pay them as much. Gary was shocked that this kid knew enough to talk about wrestling like that (smart fans weren't exactly common back then). It turns out this kid was none other than a very young Shane McMahon.

Vince McMahon and Brock Lesnar have double teamed Sable.

Perry Saturn was once featured in gay wrestling porn.

Jim Cornette, after had just gotten divorced, got drunk and videotaped himself and a banana. Shawn Michaels and Triple H mocked him for it by eating bananas on a Raw while doing guest color commentary with him.

R&R Express walked in on Jimmy Valiant laying on the floor, jerking off under a glass table that a hooker was shitting on. Ricky threw up and leaves, while Robert stayed to watch.