ࡱ>   Root EntryZ O2l^CONTENTS 2CompObjVSPELLINGHho could pull off the  round glasses look.  These aren t my glasses.  Uh, yes they are. Harry sighed and put them on, fully expecting them to be the wrong prescription& the blurriness cleared up. Apparently they were his. He idly wondered if someone had transfigured the frames and if so, why?  What happened?  I could ask you the same! What exactly happened to you guys? Remus asked.  Why are you all older, who are those kids? Harry frowned in confusion.  I don t know what you mean Remus.  Harry you,- what s the last thing you remember?  Twins birthday party, Hermione wanted to show me, Ron and Ginny a spell she d discovered, it hit some kind of project the twins were working on. Then waking up here. He glanced around, recognizing his room at the burrow, also known as Fred and George s former room.  Harry you- the four of you disappeared, just for a few second but when you came back you- Remus ran an agitated hand through his hair.  You really don t remember anything else?  No, should I? Harry asked in confusion.  Uh, maybe you better look for yourself. Remus conjured a small mirror and handed it to him. Harry looked in it and uttered a very bad word that he rarely used. ~~~~~~~~~~ Hermione blinked sleepily at the wall she was facing then frowned. She recognized the wallpaper as the type in Ginny s room but she hadn t planned to stay at the burrow after the twins party& She sat up with a gasp. The party! Her spell! What had happened?  Oh, you re awake. Tonks was sitting between her bed and Ginny s. Her gasp and Tonks statement had apparently been enough to wake Ginny. instead of the black plastic ones he was used to, still round though. He remembered Ginny commenting last year that he was probably the only person in the world wCHNKWKS 2TEXTTEXTFDPPFDPPFDPCFDPC STSHSTSH"STSHSTSH"2SYIDSYIDP"SGP SGP d"INK INK h"BTEPPLC l"BTECPLC "FONTFONT"<STRSPLC ":PRNTWNPR#" FRAMFRAM4/TITLTITL/.DOP DOP /<<An accident causes several characters to disappear, an instant later they re back, aged 6 Years and with no memories of what happened. Lily and Molly Potter, 18 mos, BD, October 31. Julius Weasley, 10 mos, BD, August 2. April after HBP. Two weeks after Voldemort s defeat. Photo Album; Double wedding. Lily and Molly s birth Julius birth Babies growing up Hermione at university Ginny working in a caf Ron playing soccer-goalie. Ginny s diary. April 21 It s been three weeks since it happened, since the accident that transported us into a world with no magic. We don t even exist in this world, some spying on the Dursley s proved that Mrs. Dursley doesn t have a sister, Harry s mother never existed. We checked on the Grangers-Hermione s parents- they have a son about Hermione s age, but no daughter at all. As there s no magical world at all it s not exactly a leap to realize that Ron s and my family doesn t exist either. I m not quite sure how they managed it but ~~~~~  You know it s odd, Julius said.  My mom once told me that if I d been a girl she was going to name me  Hermione . Hermione tried to force a laugh that came out sounding more like a noise a strangled cat would make.  How about that. ~~~~~~~~~~ Harry blinked and reached to the left for his glasses as he woke up.  They re over here Harry. He heard Remus say, and felt a pair of glasses pressed into his right hand.  Oh, thanks. Why had he thought his glasses would be on the left anyway? He always put them on the right. He sat up and started to slip the glasses on but paused, they weren t the same glasses. Slim wire frames instead of the black plastic ones he was used to, still round though. He remembered Ginny commenting last year that he was probably the only person in the world wLn&(BDd0fhjZ \ B D   XZz|npVXpr02vx(2"'( ) @S   "  "  TwTw " " tt (TwTimes New Roman[  " " " ,,FFHH >Quicken PDF Printerd _ o,Letter<<DPCAwww.;http://;file://;mailto:;https://;ftp://'winspoolQuicken PDF PrinterLPT1:F"\""V"i"` "``""A."@"\""V"i"` "``"."alternate universe.wps"p"pp (" n&(BDd0fhjZ \ B D   XZz|npVXpr02vx(2"'( ) @S  Z O2Quill96 Story Group Class9qyyy y  y!
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