ࡱ>   Root EntryZ O2@JmCONTENTS 8CompObjVSPELLING8nged and bit me on the right calf. I screamed and grayed out. A few seconds later when I could focus again the brown dog was dead and the yellow one was staring at me, blood still dripping from his jaws. I thought for sure he was going to kill me but he didn t, just stared at me. There was something odd about his blue eyes as they surveyed me but I certainly didn t make the connection between the dog after it walked off and the blond, blue-eyed man who walked out of the trees and picked me up a few minutes later, just before I lost consciousness. My life as Harry Potter, orphan and reluctant ward of the Dursleys ended there. My new life as Harry Danvers, werewolf and youngest member of the Pack began. ~~~~~~~~~~ I spent a lot of the next months delirious, or insane. At least that s what I was told, I don t remember any of it, it s a big blank. My memory of my early years was never quite right after that either, like I said, patchy. I could remember partial facts, like my birthday but not the year or even my exact age(Jeremy guessed that I was five and I took his word for it). I remembered that I was an orphan and lived with my relatives, I remembered my relatives first names but not their last, I could recall what the house had looked like(clean to the point of obsession and covered with pictures of my cousin) but not the number, the street name or even the city it was located, though it was obvious that I was from somewhere in England from my accent. I also remembered enough about my relatives to know that they wouldn t look for me very hard, if they bothered at all and that satisfied the pack. Clay never told me what made him take me back to Stonehaven after I was bitten, just about any other werewolf would have killed me just so they wouldn t have to deCHNKWKS 8TEXTTEXT"FDPPFDPP&FDPCFDPC(STSHSTSH*STSHSTSH*2SYIDSYIDP*SGP SGP d*INK INK h*BTEPPLC l*BTECPLC *FONTFONT*<STRSPLC *:PRNTWNPR+" FRAMFRAM47TITLTITL7DOP DOP 7ought for sure he was going to kill me but he diNOTES: Alright first, trying to blend two universes with very little in common is not easy! Yes there are inconsistencies, tons of them. I m doing the best I can and if you have any suggestions I d love to here them. Harry Danvers and the Other Otherworld It s kind of funny, my life was saved and ended on the exact same day. It happened the summer of 1986. My relatives were taking a vacation in Vermont and had been forced to bring me with them for lack of a sitter. One day Uncle Vernon rented a car to drive us all& somewhere, my memories are patchy from back then. The car got a flat. While Uncle Vernon called for a mechanic, Dudley got bored and decided to start up his favorite game,  Harry hunting. It was stupid of me really, the worst he would have given me was a few lumps and maybe a black eye or a bloody nose before he stopped, but I ran into the woods by the road anyway to avoid him. Predictably, I got lost. The longer I stayed lost the more afraid I got of being found. Uncle Vernon would be mad at me for holding them up. When I found them I thought it was just a couple of dogs fighting, big dogs sure, but what else could they be? I was standing at the top of a small embankment- it was more a ditch then anything else- the dogs were fighting in the bottom of it, I crouched down behind a tree to watch them. The larger one was a golden-yellow color, like a Labrador maybe, but huge and bulky. The other wasn t much smaller but more wiry, with chocolate-brown fur mixed with a generous measure of grey. The yellow dog threw the brown one, it landed against the side of the embankment, almost at my feet. I stood up without thinking about it and leaned around the tree to get a better look. The side of the bank crumbled and I fell down beside the brown dog. He lual with me. He couldn t have expected me to survive anyway, most don t survive the bite, I m only the fourth alive today and the second child ever to survive. Clay was the first. Jeremy thinks that s why he brought me home, because Jeremy did it for him and even as tough as Clay is Jeremy doesn t think he could bring himself to kill a child unless he absolutely had to. Had it come down to that Clay would have killed me, and he wouldn t have felt a single pang of guilt for it- I wasn t Pack then, therefore I was unimportant. For whatever reason I attached myself to Clay during my initial Changes and the bond remained even though I couldn t remember what had sparked it. To me Clay was a father, brother, and friend all rolled up in one. I loved Jeremy too of course, but he was also my Alpha and mentor, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ here. My new life as Harry Danvers, werewolf and youngest member of the Pack began. ~~~~~~~~~~ I spent a lot of the next months deliriou. 0 RTX$Z$\$$$$$$(2"'( ) @S  r  $$ "  ""  ""  99 " "tt$&$((9Times New Romans " " " ,,FFHH >Quicken PDF Printerd _ o,Letter<<DPCAwww.;http://;file://;mailto:;https://;ftp://'winspoolQuicken PDF PrinterLPT1:F"\""V"i"` "``""A."@"\""V"i"` "``"."Pack.wps"p"pp (" therefore I Z O2Quill96 Story Group Class9qyyy y {y
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