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Paid To Read Email Programs

~~~LIST HAS BEEN UPDATED! (January 18, 2006!)~~~

If you're looking to make some easy money on the internet, then Paid To Read Email programs are the way to go!  No, you won't get rich quick, but you will make REAL money!

You'll notice that there only a few PTR's left that I'm with. Unfortunately, I don't have the time anymore to participate in a lot of PTR's.

If you sign up with alot of these, I suggest opening a free email account with  They pay you per email you read, so it's like getting paid twice! :)

Download Roboform here:
It automatically fills in forms for you, which will save you lots of time! There are no ads and no spyware. Safe link, and it does a great job!

The best way to make cash FAST is with referrals.  Sign up with a bunch of the following programs (I recommend at least 10-15), and make a website similar to this one with your referral links.  It's a little work to get it all set up, but in the end you'll be getting a lot money for doing almost nothing!

I love old arcade games, so I thought I would share this site. There's also a free jukebox to listen to music :)


PTR Payout Sign-Up Bonus
(might change)
Additional Notes Rating (1-10)
AdPaid $5 none Was paid within 24 hours! VERY RELIABLE! 10
Opus Mails $88 none All E-mails worth 2,4,6, and 8 cents! No searches or shared ads! Most ads don't have timers! 8
Perfect-Emails $200 none Emails worth 5,10,15 or 20 cents! All search emails worth 2 cents, "Payout in 48 hours" 8