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Here, there are some websites or Internet link I am used to going through for my study or relax. Hope that they will help you and you also suggest us your favorite links.
_ For studying: These websites help you to search many useful articles related to your courses.

_ For daily news: These websites are visited most for latest news and events.

_ For images and music: These websites can assist you to find many interesting and nice pictures or songs.

_ For cell phones: These websites can satisfy people, especially teenagers who love cell phones. On these websites, you can collect much necessary information, wallpaper, themes, ring tones…for your small but attractive cell phones

_ For traveling: These websites will help you to gain some information about tourism, new places, hotels, restaurants, entertainment….if you are a faithful of traveling, discovery and adventure!

_ For social activities: This website introduces you a school for orphans. You can go through to understand these poor children’s suffering and then give them a hand to save their lives.
_ For beauty: These websites may be interesting for our teenager, especially girls to know more about fashion :P

_ For making friends and sharing personal information: This website is a place for you to post your nice pictures, your messages to a new friends and other activities. It acts to broaden your friendship with many people around the world!