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W. Wish and dream
I have many wishes and dreams. Some of them will be done by my efforts, but the others will be depended on my luck
_ I wish my mother could live with me forever. Every day, every time I exist in the Earth, I can see her and tell her how much I love her.
_ I wish I could get the best result in my study.
_ I wish I could get the job I really like after my graduation.
_ I wish my younger sister could study better and healthier.
_ I wish I could have a special boyfriend, who understands me mostly, shares everything with me, gives me nice advices and sympathizes with me.
_ I wish I would have a happy family in my future when I, my husband, my kids, my mother and my younger sister live together in a nice house with flowers and trees around. We take care of each other and show them how we love them. For me, my kids will be the angels of my life! I love babies
_ I have other wishes, other dreams…many…many…that I can not tell you just one time. How about you, my dear friends? What are your nice dreams? I hope that your dreams and mine will come true!