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F. Future plan 5 years from now
In 2005, I am 19 years old and I am going to finish my first year in University. Next two and a half years, I will try to get my bachelor degree in the United States in Business Management and Finance fields. After that, I will spend one year for work to get more experiences and knowledge in real life then I will apply to study a Master degree in Human Resource and Tourism Management. All I hope now is that I can be able to study well, not only to have high GPA but also to get scholarship so that my mother will be proud of me and she does not need to work really hard to afford for my expensive study.
When talking about my study, the first thing I always want to mention is my deep thanks to my mother – the only woman I love, respect and remember forever because she has devoted all her life for me. I am proud to be her child and I make this plan, put my effort to get the best result as a way to show my pride.
Our guys, can you share with us your interesting future plans? Do we have the same goals so that we can cooperate to be successful and powerful?