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P. Personality
Besides hobbies, personality is also an important factor which helps us to understand each other so that we can behave towards each other delicately.
Each individual has his or her own personalities in which some characters are really special that make this individual be different from the others.
Let me tell you my “queer” personality and let me discover yours!
Well, as my close friend says, and as I myself realize, I am a complicated girl.
I will be an ice at the time meeting a strange people but if they get in touch more with me, they can understand that I am cold outside and warm inside! Yep, I am a zealous girl, but you only see my zeal and my sympathy if you know how to talk and behave with me.
Next, I am a combination of classical and modern woman. On one hand, I am classical because I require many things that we, as human, especially Vietnamese people, have kept them as our tradition, such as loyalty and sacrifice in love; industry-appearance-speech-behavior, the four attributes of a Vietnamese ideal woman; family as the central cell of our society and so on. On the other hand, I am modern because I understand some innovative things not only in my nation but in others as well. For example, I appreciate the roles of women in our society so that women should have equal rights as those of men for their devotion in their work, for their country and for their feeling as dynamic and useful citizens. In addition, some Vietnamese people will feel strange or surprised if they know that I encourage legalization of prostitution and gender transformation, or I can sympathize with a woman for her abortion. It looks like I absorb too much European culture but in my opinion, those things have their certainly good effects on society if we acknowledge them from different angles, more objective and open-minded.
Besides, I admit that I am an ambitious girl, really ambitious (Is it extremely dangerous, hah?) . I have many targets to reach in my life, some are easy, some are considerable ….and some are a little bit illusive. But, it is me! I can not give up my ambition and when I do something, I always want and hope that I will have the best result!
Also, I am both romantic and practical. But I do not tell you more about these characters. You will recognize if you have much time to work with me!
It seems that I tell you much about myself. However, what I told seems everything, while in fact, for me, there is nothing! Not a joke, but I just consider a person understanding me clearly if he or she gets exactly the real points inside my words and my behaviors. It means that I rarely show you what I am thinking actually in my mind. So, this is the most important point that makes me be complex as many, many friends think about me!
Hic, dear guys, do you think that I am very talkative? I tell many things about me and sometimes I am hesitant whether you will sleep when reading this long personality introduction. For me, I am a little bit tired of typing now and just want to know more about you – my lovely friends and your characters! Yeah…

D. Good at
I am confident to say that I am good at Mathematics, Literature, English, courses related to social issues and activities related to organization and management. That is the reason for me to choose my future occupation as a Manager (hichic, I must pass many hard workdays, failures and experiences for this position!) in Tourism Promotion and Management.
How about you? Which subjects are you good at so that I can beg you help me in my study when I have problems? Just kidding,

G. Music
I do not listen to music much, but I like soft music. Some songs I really like are Happy New Year, Yesterday, CIE Forever ….
On New Year’s Eve, I really like to stay alone in my room, turn off all lights, burn a small candle and then listen to the song Happy New Year of ABBA! Is it nice, and extremely romantic? If I have a special boyfriend, it will be great to stay there and share with him. However, I have had yet, so enjoy this great atmosphere alone in this special is enough for me! ;)
If you know much about music, you can introduce us favorite song and lyric here. We would like to share with you and also broaden our mind!