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S. Self introduction
Hi everybody,
Welcome all of you to my website: GOLDEN LOTUS’ FRIENDSHIP – ME AND YOU!
I am Nguyen Thi Kim Lien. I was born on May 11, 1986 at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Now, I am 19 years old and I am studying at Center for International Education – Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, 166 Nguyen Van Thu Street, District 1.
I make this website not only for my Microcomputer course’s application but for my friends – who study with me or know me; and other nice people who will be my friends then have a chance to visit my page. It is a place that we can share together many things in our lives, to recognize that even we live far away, we can “touch”, “listen” to, “talk” to and “smile” with each other via the Internet. We visit this website to realize that our friendship can be maintained forever, from the day we were kids to the day we are adults, and then we have our own families.
When we get older by the time, “share” is one of the most important words we need in the rest of our lives. Just a smile, just an advice or just a funny picture that our friends send to us can warm up our souls!
Lady and gentlemen, dear all my friends, my family and all people I love in my whole life, this website is my own space to share my feelings, to show my thanks to you – for your precious presence in my life, my loves to you – for your influences that can change most of my life, my appreciation and respect to you – for your devotion and your care to my life for which I can be better.
I hope that you will enjoy my website and also share your feelings or your opinions with me. Let’s make our friendship to be a mutual relation, in which I and you – we know each other and sympathize together!

Love you much,
Best regards,
Kim Lien

H. Hobbies
Hey, this is an interesting for us to discover our hobbies.
Let’s imagine, on your birthday, your friends give you special gifts and when you open these nice gifts, WOW … you will be surprised and amazed because these gifts are things that you really like or dream about in your daily life. Interesting, right?
So, how can your friends know these wonderful things? Since they know your hobbies! We can know our friends’ hobbies for many useful reasons. We can give them a gift as what they expect, or we can regulate our behaviors to harmonize with the others’.
In every aspect, knowing our friends’ hobbies is still a necessary point to strengthen our friendship.
Now, let me start this interesting box by introducing my hobbies:
Well, the first hobby, also the most important activity that helps me choose my future career is TRAVELING. I like traveling, like the great feeling when I come to new places, enjoy the fresh environment, and learn their customs and traditions . When traveling, my soul is more peaceful, my view is milder and all the troubles seem go far away. Since I like traveling, I also like walking for sight-seeing. It is such an enjoyable time walking on the pavement to look at vehicles on the street, to recognize the hurry of people on the way to their offices, or their leisureliness on the way going home or their happiness with their sweethearts…
Besides, I like gardening; reading; taking care of my really, really nice turtle ; joining social activities and after all, …looking passionately at beautiful jewelry!!!!
Now, it is your turn. Go ahead! Tell us what you like. If you like roses, you will receive an extremely beautiful bunch of roses on your birthday, for sure! If you like a BMW, well, well, well, we must consider this “small” hobby. Hehe..!!