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Please find a selection of G. Max’s current work at: G. Max studied Art at Camden School of Art Byamshaw, and finished his degree at St. Martins School of Art. His inspiration comes from the natural world and is expressed in colour, light, shape, and inner emotions.

He has paintings in private collections in America and Europe, and several galleries in London. One local buyer bought seven of his oils in one purchase. The paintings here are a small selection of some of his oils and studies for large commissionable projects. One of his pieces was recently chosen by the Ben Yuri museum in London for an upcoming exhibition / charity auction giving the artist increased regional exposure. I am currently representing the artist G. Max and I came across your website while looking for potential business partners with a view to license the work of G. Max as postcards, calenders, reproductions etc. Please contact the manager Felix Kronabetter via email: for any enquiry.