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Genealogy Links

Alfred Thomas Alexander and Henrietta H. Bowen of DeKalb County, Missouri
James Andrews and Clara M. Rowland of Georgia
Peter Armstrong of Macomb County, Michigan
Samuel Ashley and Sophia Moore of Jasper County, Georgia
Abraham Austin and Esther Kane of Chowan County, North Carolina
James Ayers and Rachel Mayfield of Salem County, New Jersey
Isaac Baird and Edith Curtis of Texas
Jesse Baker and Ann R. Peck of Gilmer County, Georgia
Joshua Baker and Margaret Maynard of Pennsylvania
Alfred Theodore Ball and Betty Gibbs of Alabama
David Ball and Nancy Mason of Berkshire County, Massachusetts
Hugh Ballard of Stark County, Ohio
Samuel Ballard and Helen Ada Merrill of Iowa
Christopher Barber and Martha Donovan of North Carolina
Phillip Edwin Barnes of Georgia
Frank Barnett of Florida
Jesse Barrett and Mary F. Carney of Decatur County, Georgia
Henry W. Barry and Hannah S. Landry of Fayette County, Tennessee
David G. Barber and Josephine Christina of Georgia
Jesse Barber and Ann Martha Rowland of Georgia
James P. Bass of South Carolina
Isaac Bean of Marion County, Alabama
Albert Beach of Georgia
Phillip H. Bean and Clara Mildred Morton of Colquitt County, Georgia
Robert Beasley of Pennsylvania
Alexander Becker and Violet J. Gilmore of Jay County, Indiana
Isaac F. Becker and Matilda F. Weber of Kansas
Charles A. Bender of Calvert County, Maryland
Lewis Benjamin and Susan M. Henson of Indiana
Edwin Reuben Bennett of Henry County, Tennessee
Paul Berger and Virginia Williams of Maine
Paul Cain Berger and Irene F. Sexton of Kentucky
Theodore B. Bernard of Clarke County, Georgia
Francis G. Berry and Catherine Josephine of Iowa
Robert Blackburn of Madison County, Kentucky
Abraham Blackwell of Virginia
John J. Bond and Agnes C. Shelton of Texas
Joseph Bonner and Sophia Huber of New Jersey
Leonard A. Boone and Paula Kaufman of Winnebago County, Illinois
Stephen Boone and Rachel Herring and North Carolina
Andrew Bowen and Harriet Virginia Hammond of Chariton County, Missouri
Francis Bowen and Rebecca Miles of Cocke County, Tennessee
Isaac Boyer and Paula Holden of Kentucky
Stephen F. Boyer and Ellen Henry of Missouri
Thomas Bradshaw and Sophia Pate of Lawrence County, Ohio
Francis Brady of Tennessee
Michael George Bradley of Indiana
Hugh Branch of Rose Buckley of Maryland
Leonard Branch of Virginia Hubbard of Georgia
Matthew Branch of Josephine Jackson of New York
Jacob Brewer and Amanda Bonner of Virginia
Reuben Britt of Baltimore County, Maryland
Lewis Brooks of Charles County, Maryland
Samuel B. Brooks and Laura H. Burgess of New Jersey
Benjamin J. Brown and Ann S. Poole of Virginia
Aaron Browning and Barbara Margaret Johns of Powhatan County, Virginia
Aaron James Browning of Arkansas
Francis Browning of Alabama
Charles Barrett Bryan and Virginia C. Mosley of North Carolina
Benjamin Bullock and Emily Benjamin of New York
Hugh N. Bullock of Putnam County, Florida
Theodore Burris of Virginia
Arthur Burt and Matilda Curtis of Rockingham County, New Hampshire
Edwin Briggs Burt and Martha Hannah Meyers of Addison County, Vermont
Samuel Burt and Grace J. Herman of North Carolina
Arthur Burton and Rebecca Clements of Kanawha County, Virginia
George Butler and Sally A. Merritt of Rhode Island
James P. Butler and Josephine Wilder of Shelby County, Ohio
Joshua Byers of Virginia
Nathan Calhoun of Virginia
Nicholas Shepard Callahan of Connecticut
Robert Campbell and Matilda McGee of Miami County, Ohio
Richard Carlson of Greene County, Ohio
Frank G. Carpenter of Coosa County, Alabama
Joseph Carroll and Violet Ball of Tennessee
Reuben Weber Carson and Helen M. Dyer of Indiana
Aaron W. Carter and Rose V. Richards of Iowa
Samuel Carey and Edith Daniel of Indiana
Hugh H. Carver and Rose Alice Tyler of Iowa
Samuel Case of Mississippi
Martin Cash of Taylor County, Virginia
Jacob Chambers and Esther Hannah Frye of Indiana
Alfred W. Chaney of Maury County, Tennessee
Matthew Hiram Chaney and Frances H. Ellis of Wayne County, Ohio
Martin C. Chaney and Helen Mildred Gentry of Wayne County, Michigan
Nathan Owen Christian and Caroline R. Jenkins of Pennsylvania
Frederick Church of Ohio
Hugh Church and Amanda Burgess of South Carolina
Jesse Isaac Clarke and Rose L. Dickerson of Ohio
Rufus Clarke and Susan Frederick of Belmont County, Ohio
Peter Clay and Amanda Booth of Rockland County, New York
Lewis Clayton of Missouri
Michael Clayton and Emily L. Klein of Virginia
Richard A. Clemons and Sally M. Jackson of Washington County, Iowa
Charles Cleveland and Elizabeth Johns of Virginia
Leonard Andrew Cole and Clara S. Jennings of Missouri
Nicholas Combs and Evelyn Rollins of Alabama
Thomas N. Combs of Kanawha County, Virginia
David Copeland of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Nicholas Copeland and Clara A. McClain of Carroll County, Indiana
Aaron Simmons Conley of Upshur County, Texas
Francis Cox of Knox County, Tennessee
Edward N. Craft of Iowa
Rufus L. Craig and Mildred E. Gentry of Virginia
David M. Curtis and Martha E. Gentry of Georgia
Jacob I. Dale and Ruth V. Bass of Kentucky
Albert M. Davidson and Sophia R. Roberts of Virginia
Andrew Dean of North Carolina
William F. Decker of Georgia
David Dennis and Paula Bernard of Saint Charles Parish, Louisiana
Paul Dennis and Isabella Moran of Virginia
Nathan F. Dillard of Schoharie County, New York
Nathan Dillon of Indiana
Abraham Douglas and Hannah Bolton of Virginia
Francis Drake of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
Frank Dunlap of Wayne County, Pennsylvania
Thomas Dunn and Ellen Peters of Kentucky
Frank G. Durham and Margaret Tucker of Arkansas
Phillip R. Edwards of Indiana
Paul P. Ellison and Hannah G. Wise of Kansas
Reuben D. Elliott and Christina Violet Ballard of Calvert County, Maryland
Albert English of Effingham County, Illinois
Leonard M. England of Ouachita Parish, Louisiana
Christopher N. Estes and Charlotte Evelyn Ramsey of Parke County, Indiana
Henry B. Estes and Caroline Elizabeth Ballard
Joshua Everett and Hannah Holder of Virginia
Edward Theodore Ferguson of Newton County, Mississippi
Jacob Ferrell of Illinois
Reuben I. Ferrell and Frances E. Gilmore of New York
Charles W. Fields and Elizabeth Sarah Bond of Ohio
Isaac Finley of Lunenburg County, Virginia
Edward N. Fletcher and Susan C. Bradley of Wisconsin
Christopher Forbes of Florida
Nicholas Forbes and Isabella England of Louisiana
Samuel C. Fox and Evelyn H. Raymond of Cape Girardeau County, Missouri
David Frank and Rebecca Casey of Union County, Illinois
Paul Frederick and Josephine Walls of Jessamine County, Kentucky
Francis French and Isabella Short of Portage County, Ohio
Francis B. French and Barbara Ferrell of Kentucky
Nicholas French and Josephine Hawkins of Virginia
Edwin B. Frost and Helen S. Chandler of Hertford County, North Carolina
Matthew Fry and Paula Daniel of Massachusetts
Paul I. Fry and Catherine Ada Hess of Carter County, Tennessee
Isaac G. Fuller of Virginia
David Galloway and Ann Pope of Surry County, North Carolina
Andrew Gamble and Margaret McKee of Franklin County, Georgia
Joseph Gamble of Muskingum County, Ohio
Nicholas H. Gardner and Cora E. Green of New York
Theodore Garner and Laura M. Lester of Decatur County, Georgia
Alexander Gibbs of King William County, Virginia
Christopher Gibson and Paula Battle
Aaron Giles of Charleston County, South Carolina
Frank Glass and Mary Duke of Massachusetts
Frederick Jesse Glover and Josephine Norman of Louisiana
John J. Goodman and Mary H. Hooper of Laurel County, Kentucky
Michael Andrew Goodwin of Virginia
Henry J. Graham and Evelyn Violet Cox of Clinton County, Michigan
James Graves and Sophia Tanner of New Jersey
Phillip Gray and Elizabeth Spencer of Missouri
Phillip F. Gregory and Ellen V. Snow and Simpson County, Mississippi
Robert F. Griffith of Louisiana
Isaac C. Green and Violet P. Crane of Georgia
Charles Greene of Caledonia County, Vermont
James A. Hale and Barbara C. Simpson of Kansas
Thomas Hancock and Caroline Blanchard of Fayette County, Indiana
Robert Haney and Henrietta Bowers of Habersham County, Georgia
Henry Harper and Elizabeth Reed of Montgomery County, North Carolina
Christopher Harrington and Rachel Harrington of Indiana
Hiram Harrington Peck and Elizabeth C. Cole of Kendall County, Illinois
Christopher Harris and Barbara Patton of Nicholas County, Virginia
Henry Jacob Harrison of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Matthew Alexander Harrison and Martha C. Neal of Maryland
Phillip Hart of Franklin County, Indiana
Alexander Hartley and Ellen Guy of Monroe County, Alabama
Leonard Hartley of North Carolina
Paul N. Harvey of Irwin County, Georgia
Jacob Hatfield and Margaret Maxwell of Louisiana
Nicholas D. Hatfield of Ohio
Stephen H. Hawkins of Clark County, Missouri
Jacob Hayden and Margaret C. Goodwin of Virginia
Christopher Heath and Betty Barlow of New York
Hugh Henderson of Fairfax County, Virginia
Martin Henderson and Margaret Holt of Indiana
Isaac L. Hendricks and Rose Betty Schmidt of Morgan County, Ohio
Andrew G. Hendrix and Clarke County, Iowa
Hugh Jesse Henry of Tennessee
Stephen Henson of Virginia
Matthew Hester of Monroe County, Florida
Andrew Hicks and Julia Lowery of Clay County, Kentucky
John Isaac Hicks of Wright County, Minnesota
Adam Thomas Hinton of Georgia
Francis Hobbs of Rockbridge County, Virginia
Thomas D. Hobbs of Alabama
Charles Martin Hodges and Irene L. Baker of Bertie County, North Carolina
James Hodges and Florence Anthony of West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
Abraham Hogan and Elizabeth Goff
Daniel B. Holder of Indiana
Stephen Holder of Jefferson County, Illinois
Edwin Holland and Margaret Harper of Concordia Parish, Louisiana
Richard Holloway of Virginia
Lewis Holman and Violet McClure of Saint Helena Parish, Louisiana
Samuel Holt and Christina Agnes Maxwell of Pennsylvania
Isaac Hood and Susan Marsh of Greenville County, South Carolina
Matthew Glass Horn and Sophia E. Jones of Woodbury County, Iowa
Nicholas Horn and Fayette County, Tennessee
Samuel S. Horne and Charlotte C. Walton of Morgan County, Illinois
Hugh B. Horton and Mary B. McFarland of Rock County, Minnesota
Mark Atkinson Houston of Indiana
Thomas N. Houston and Rebecca Mildred Goodman of Georgia
John B. Howard and Rose Ellen Tyson of Jackson County, Georgia
Joshua Howard of Indiana
Richard Howell and Matilda Barbara Justice of Scott County, Minnesota
Peter Hudson of Monmouth County, New Jersey
Richard M. Huff of Missaukee County, Michigan
Arthur Hughes of North Carolina
Richard T. Hughes of Georgia
Frank Hull of Georgia
Joseph Hull of Lewis County, Virginia
Nathan Hurley and Rachel F. Brooks of Hardy County, Virginia
Alexander Hurst of Davidson County, Tennessee
Rufus W. Hurst and Lucy R. Hinton of Berks County, Pennsylvania
Peter Ingram and Rebecca Justice of Breckinridge County, Kentucky
Phillip K. Jacobs and Grace Alice Hess of Bedford County, Virginia
Andrew James of Louisiana
Frederick Henry Jarvis and Ruth Violet Woodward of Arkansas
Hiram Jennings and Helen Kane of Hunterdon County, New Jersey
Leonard M. Johns and Christina E. Wise of Schuyler County, Illinois
John Johnson of Camden County, Missouri
Jesse J. Jones and Rebecca Frances Shaw of Middlesex County, Massachusetts
Christopher D. Jordan and Sally F. Conner of North Carolina
Ralph A. Jordan and Martha Caroline Baird of Iowa
Ralph Winters Joyner and Christina C. Poole and Greene County, New York
Arthur Justice of Louisiana
Benjamin Justice and Catherine B. Ellison of Missisippi
Theodore Kaufman of Lenabon County, Pennsylvania
Frederick Keller of Virginia
Aaron Kelley and Alice Zimmerman of Bristol County, Massachusetts
Martin Kent and Helen J. Rutledge of Madison County, Florida
Reuben Kent and Alice Boyd of Giles County, Virginia
Peter Kerr and Martha Alston of Jasper County, Georgia
Rufus H. Kerr of Walton County, Florida
Paul Klein of Massachusetts
Thomas King of Perry County, Mississippi
Andrew John Knapp and Agnes Kemp of Crawford County, Ohio
George Reuben Knowles and Charlotte Kelley of North Carolina
Alexander Ballard Lane and Agnes Hannah Abbott of Bristol County, Massachusetts
Lewis Lang and Emily Hall of Louisiana
Ralph Lang and Massachusetts
David Benson Larson and Ada Perry of Pickens County, South Carolina
Francis Larson and Harriet Ferrell of Washington County, Georgia
Stephen Lee of Floyd County, Kentucky
James Levy and Henrietta Massey of Trigg County, Kentucky
Francis Lindsey and Paula Bates of Mercer County, Pennsylvania
Ralph D. Lindsey of Montana
Ralph Little and Elizabeth Cummings of Madison County, Georgia
Alfred Livingston of Cortland County, New York
Joseph Livingston and Jane Good of Georgia
Reuben Holden Livingston of Michigan
Peter Lewis of Montgomery County, Alabama
Jacob Lowe of Northampton County, Pennsylvania
Andrew Lucas of Overton County, Tennessee
Jesse F. Lynn and Betty Julia Collins of Jennings County, Indiana
Jacob Lynn and Henrietta McMillan of Hunterdon County, New Jersey
Nicholas Pickett Lyons and Agnes Cannon of North Carolina
Richard Wilkinson Lyons of Jackson County, Ohio
Jesse Mann of New York
Jesse Manning and Lucy Foster of Ohio
Hugh Marks of Illinois
Leonard C. Mason and Lucy F. Norton of Missouri
Leonard S. Mason and Matilda Esther Decker of Georgia
Daniel Massey of South Carolina
Lewis Maxwell and Esther Dorsey of Woodford County, Kentucky
Benjamin Maynard and Martha Roberts of Charles County, Maryland
Charles Mays and Mildred Agnes Williams of Tipton County, Tennessee
Isaac A. Mays of New Hanover County, North Carolina
Frederick McBride of Fayette County, Ohio
John P. McBride of Ohio
Christopher McCall and Violet Bryant of Monmouth County, New Jersey
Martin McCall and Nancy Barlow of North Carolina
Adam McClain of New Jersey
Edward McClure and Ruth Holcomb of New York
Abraham McCormick and Ada Riley of Delaware County, Ohio
Richard Garrett McCoy and Hannah M. Cherry of Iowa
Thomas Benjamin McDaniel and Elizabeth Evelyn Stephenson of Franklin County, Missouri
Richard McDowell of Perquimans County, North Carolina
Charles R. McGuire of Indiana
Robert G. McGuire and Rachel I. Taylor of Washington Parish, Louisiana
Phillip Matthew McLaughlin of California
John H. McLeod and Nancy Newton of Utah
Joshua James McMillan of Indiana
Adam Samuel McNeil and Sarah Ellen Wallace of Illinois
Joseph McNeil and Amanda Wright of Kentucky
Phillip McNeil and Isabella McKay of Virginia
Peter McPherson and Mildred Holden of Georgia
Stephen Melton of Jessamine County, Kentucky
Adam D. Mercer and Alice Merrill of Kentucky
Phillip Merrill of Greene County, Illinois
Charles H. Merritt of Virginia
Reuben Meyer of Telfair County, Georgia
Aaron Carroll Middleton and Betty Paula Holder of Kentucky
Albert H. Middleton of Pennsylvania
Jesse Middleton and Nancy Violet Welch of Maryland
Arthur P. Montgomery and Laura Stevenson of Virginia
Mark Montgomery and Margaret E. Williams of Pennsylvania
Richard Moon of Georgia
Samuel Moon and Lucy H. Holder of North Carolina
Jesse Hill Moore and Susan Cooper of Grand Isle County, Vermont
Daniel Morris of Columbia County, New York
Arthur R. Morrison and Betty C. Miller of Clay County, Kentucky
Rufus D. Morrison of Camden County, North Carolina
Albert Morrow and Emily Kline of Pennsylvania
Mark Frank Morrow and Susan H. Calhoun of Somerset County, New Jersey
Jacob G. Murray of Illinois
Phillip Murray and Sarah McBride of Pennsylvania
Edwin McLean Neal of Claiborne County, Tennessee
Mark M. Nelson of New York
Henry Haley Newman and Helen M. Lamb of Pike County, Pennsylvania
Edwin K. Noble and Henrietta Martha Richardson of Alabama
Edward Norman of Virginia
Lewis Norman and Harriet Lucas of North Carolina
Robert Norman of Ohio
Daniel Norton of Clinton County, Michigan
Stephen Odom and Henrietta Maddox of Virginia
Thomas Owens and Elbert County, Georgia
Daniel A. Pace and Sally L. Logan of Muscogee County, Georgia
Theodore C. Page and Ellen Henrietta Vaughn of Arkansas
Joshua Parks of Obion County, Tennessee
Adam T. Parsons and Violet White of Hancock County, Ohio
Ralph Parsons and Betty McClain of Bourbon County, Kentucky
Frank Reuben Patrick of Simpson County, Kentucky
James B. Patrick of Brown County, Wisconsin
Hugh Patton and Caroline Rodgers of Lawrence County, Mississippi
Hiram B. Pearson of Nottoway County, Virginia
Stephen Peck and Virginia Clara Phelps of Scott County, Indiana
Reuben A. Peters and Cora I. Hays of Kentucky
Isaac Phillips and Margaret McConnell
Hugh Pickett and Virginia Burnett of Wayne County, Michigan
Aaron Nathan Pierce and Alice H. Skinner of Pennsylvania
Frederick Pitts and Elizabeth Burgess of Newport County, Rhode Island
Stephen Pope and Josephine L. Hamilton of Adair County, Kentucky
Phillip Potter of Clinton County, New York
Edwin Pratt and Henrietta Dale of Wayne County, Georgia
Abraham P. Price of Saint Clair County, Michigan
Michael Reuben Price and Irene M. Washington of Alabama
Lewis Andrew Prince and Agnes A. Tyler of Virginia
Alexander C. Quinn and Esther Hardin of Illinois
Theodore Randolph and Julia Sawyer of Georgia
Jacob Ratliff and Harriet Middleton of Monroe County, Illinois
Albert Reid of Buncombe County, North Carolina
Abraham H. Rich and Lucy A. Murphy of Taliaferro County, Georgia
Nicholas Michael Riley of DeKalb County, Indiana
Charles Rivers and Betty McCall of Lawrence County, Ohio
Paul N. Rivers of Alabama
Samuel F. Rivers of North Carolina
Christopher T. Roach and Esther Rachel Wheeler of Georgia
Leonard Roberts of Mississippi
Theodore Rose of Illinois
Hiram Ross and Ellen Josephine Banks of Clinton County, Michigan
Joshua M. Rowe and Clara R. Lamb of Hancock County, Indiana
Martin Willis Rowland and Grace G. Patton of Saint Charles Parish, Louisiana
Matthew Rush and Harriet English of Penobscot County, Maine
Lewis Schultz Ryan and Barbara Helen Gibson of Perry County, Mississippi
Rufus Sanders of Greenbrier County, Virginia
Alexander T. Saunders and Florence J. Pollard of Russell County, Virginia
Francis Rufus Savage of Ohio
Francis I. Sawyer of Vermillion County, Indiana
Nicholas Schmidt of Stark County, Ohio
Samuel Schmidt of South Carolina
Matthew Schwartz Sellers and Agnes Cora Patterson of Hancock County, Maine
Thomas Sexton and Nancy Blair of Fleming County, Kentucky
Albert Shaffer of Tennessee
Mark C. Shannon and Evelyn Barbara Harvey of Tennessee
Robert H. Shannon and Emily Sophia Frost of Texas
Edward Sharp and Hannah S. McGuire of Howard County, Maryland
Thomas Sharpe and Emily Russell of Mississippi
Thomas B. Sharpe of Indiana
Adam B. Sherman and Betty Case of Michigan
Samuel Shields and Violet Hudson of Russell County, Virginia
Hugh Simmons of Richmond County, North Carolina
William H. Simon of Michigan
Albert Sims and Sarah Brock of Louisiana
Frederick Sims and Amanda Bell of Sumter County, South Carolina
Ralph S. Sims and Emily Agnes Warren of Owen County, Indiana
Martin Singleton of Lee County, Virginia
Christopher Sloan and Mildred Parsons of Kentucky
Phillip C. Small and Elizabeth Edith Clayton of LaGrange County, Indiana
Christopher Smith and Mildred McMillan of Ohio
Samuel Smith and Clara Hardy of North Carolina
William Smith of New York
Frank Spence and Christina A. Allison of Warren County, Mississippi
Christopher N. Stanton of Burlington County, New Jersey
Alexander Stark and Grace Stanley of Bedford County, Virginia
Michael Steele and Sally Florence Dodson of Alabama
Stephen G. Stephens and Catherine Beach of North Carolina
Richard Stephenson and Caroline Owens of Alexandria County, District of Columbia
Albert C. Stevens and Paula V. Kaufman of Maryland
Joshua Campbell Stevenson and Charlotte S. Sellers of Indiana
Robert Stout and Grace E. Slater of Kentucky
Andrew J. Stuart and Evelyn R. Roberts of Mason County, Kentucky
Adam Summers of Ohio
Matthew C. Summers and Florence Henrietta Gay of Merrimack County, New Hampshire
Jacob Sweet and Nancy Smith of North Carolina
David Tate of Washington County, Indiana
Theodore Tate of Bertie County, North Carolina
Michael Thompson of Fayette County, Pennsylvania
John Reuben Tillman and Frances M. Cobb of Lawrence County, Illinois
Rufus T. Todd of Gonzales County, Texas
Hugh Townsend and Hannah Durham of Claiborne County, Mississippi
Edwin Travis and Susan Branch of Pennsylvania
Joshua Turner and Ruth Sawyer of Effingham County, Georgia
Daniel Tyler of Conecuh County, Alabama
Jesse A. Tyler of Pennsylvania
Joshua Underwood and Susan Bentley of Georgia
Ralpha A. Underwood and Julia Cotton of Hidalgo County, Texas
Ralph Mark Valentine and Ruth Nancy Anthony of Georgia
William D. Vance and Lucy S. Moon of Illinois
Stephen Vaughn of Bulloch County, Georgia
George Vincent of Randolph County, North Carolina
James Vinson and Isabella H. House of Kentucky
James Carson Wade and Grace M. Horton of Berks County, Pennsylvania
Adam Walker and Emily Small of Georgia
Benjamin Waller of Virginia
David Walton of Williamsburg County, South Carolina
Frank Walton and Violet Norris of Pennsylvania
Jesse N. Ward and Matilda Rebecca Finley of Iowa
Francis Ware of Pennsylvania
Nicholas Warren and Rebecca Mullins of Kentucky
Nicholas W. Warren and Ada P. Kerr of DuPage County, Illinois
Joseph Washington and Helen Evelyn Moss of Lawrence County, Tennessee
Theodore Waters and Christina Tate of Wayne County, Ohio
Jacob Hiram Watson of Delaware County, Ohio
Nicholas S. Webb of Chatham County, Georgia
Henry N. Weiss and Alice M. McKnight of Iowa
Peter Wise Weiss of Pike County, Ohio
Richard Welch of Mississippi
Albert W. Wells and Julia M. Chaney of Putnam County, Indiana
Abraham Richard Whitehead of Scott County, Arkansas
Paul P. Wheeler and Frances M. Hess of Audrain County, Missouri
Matthew Wiggins of McKean County, Pennsylvania
Leonard Wilder of Hancock County, Illinois
Joseph Lewis Wiley and Mildred Sarah Stephenson of Calhoun County, Florida
Aaron Wilkerson of Scott County, Virginia
Jesse W. Wilkerson of Floyd County, Indiana
Aaron Williams of Anson County, North Carolina
Theodore A. Williams and Paula Armstrong of Indiana
George Willis and Lucy Galloway of Kentucky
Samuel Willis and Alice L. Galloway of Texas
Andrew Frederick Winters and Hannah Ballard of Virginia
Daniel Wise and Rose May of Baldwin County, Alabama
Leonard Wood and Ruth Anderson of Saint Clair County, Alabama
Leonard Donaldson Woodard of Bracken County, Kentucky
Rufus Woodard and Margaret Edith Richmond of Casey County, Kentucky
David B. Woods and Christina C. Crosby of Missouri
Jacob Woodward of Saint Landry Parish, Louisiana
Daniel Wyatt and Hannah Cotton of Ohio
Ralph Wyatt and Martha McGuire of Kentucky
Albert Yates and Ruth Alston of Pennsylvania
Frank Yates of Caball County, Virginia
Jesse Young of Middlesex County, Virginia