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Genealogies of Some Georgia Families

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These are descendant genealogies collected over the years of people who were born in Georgia. Most of them moved out of the state, but all were born there. You can use the Full Name Index to see if any of your relatives are documented here.

Barber, David G., b. 10 Sep 1857, Georgia

Barber, Jesse, b. circa 1840, Troup County, Georgia

Beach, Albert, b. circa 1820, Georgia

Bernard, Theodore B., b. about 1850, Clarke County, Georgia

Booker, Edwin, b. 9 Apr 1840, Georgia

Boone, Andrew, b. 7 Mar 1824, Georgia

Boyle, Edwin, b. 1848, Georgia

Brock, Francis, b. 1837, Richmond County, Georgia

Brown, Nicholas B., b. 1854, Georgia

Buchanan, Nicholas, b. 1828, Georgia

Cannon, Robert, b. about 1835, Monroe County, Georgia

Chaney, Michael Adam, b. about 1850, Georgia

Chase, Jesse L., b. about 1855, Georgia

Cline, Jacob Clarke, b. 1852, Decatur County, Georgia

Cotton, Samuel Rufus, b. 1833, Coweta County, Georgia

Daniels, Albert, b. after 1819, Georgia

Fletcher, John W., b. after 1848, Georgia

Forbes, Phillip, b. 1846, Burke County, Georgia

Glover, Phillip Barber, b. 1844, Georgia

Gordon, Andrew, b. after 1836, Georgia

Grimes, Thomas H., b. circa 1850, Georgia

Hawkins, Andrew R., b. before 1832, Thomas County, Georgia

Hawkins, Henry S., b. after 1859, Georgia

Horne, Alexander, b. about 1815, Wayne County, Georgia

House, Hiram P., b. 1836, Fayette County, Georgia

Huber, Alexander, b. 1814, Hancock County, Georgia

Hunt, Joseph J., b. about 1850, Oglethorpe County, Georgia

Jarvis, Nicholas Mark, b. circa 1855, Chattahoochee County, Georgia

Klein, Matthew C., b. circa 1845, Georgia

Lancaster, Michael, b. 1820, Hall County, Georgia

Leach, Aaron, b. 3 Apr 1833, Georgia

Lester, Paul L., b. after 1838, Jackson County, Georgia

Lewis, Phillip I., b. about 1860, Georgia

Marsh, Benjamin N., b. about 1855, Wayne County, Georgia

McKnight, Adam H., b. 9 Dec 1841, Georgia

Park, James, b. 1836, Jackson County, Georgia

Parker, Paul Rufus, b. circa 1835, Camden County, Georgia

Parsons, Leonard, b. 1812, Georgia

Patrick, Michael W., b. 19 Aug 1847, Decatur County, Georgia

Paul, Rufus, b. about 1850, McIntosh County, Georgia

Pennington, Matthew, b. about 1855, Georgia

Perry, Daniel, b. 27 Mar 1827, Madison County, Georgia

Perry, Rufus Dillon, b. 1858, Macon County, Georgia

Richards, Francis Buchanan, b. about 1860, Burke County, Georgia

Saunders, Joseph D., b. 1835, Georgia

Sloan, Stephen, b. circa 1855, Georgia

Stewart, Francis A., b. about 1845, Screven County, Georgia

Willis, Hiram, b. 1825, Georgia

Workman, Samuel J., b. after 1856, Georgia

Wynn, Isaac, b. 20 Aug 1842, Montgomery County, Georgia

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