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Good evening, believers. Big news: Letters and emails are coming in left and right from people who have either seen, or claim to have seen, flying cars in their cities. So far, New York, San Francisco, Florida and Los Angeles. Many comment that they've seen film crews at the scenes, as well. So, something is being filmed in a more official capacity. Perhaps they are trying to figure out what public reaction will be. In any case, why would that happen from totally different people in totally different cities simultaneously?

UPDATE: SEPT 20, 2006. Thanks to everyone who’s visited and shared my site!! I’ve had so much attention lately that I decided it was time to get myself a real URL. So…welcome to! Join the movement, pass it on.

UPDATE: SEPT 8, 2006. GM is genius!! Even I never saw THIS coming! Last night, you may have seen GM’s new TV commercial featuring different flying GM models. How brilliant to distract us by passing off REAL FOOTAGE OF FLYING CARS as “special effects” in an advertising campaign! Check out to see more.

UPDATE: SEPT 8, 2006 continued -- DON’T BE DISTRACTED by this clever use of “kernel of truth” marketing! Yes, flying cars are a great “metaphor”…but how do you think they came up with this particular “metaphor”? Could it be they were inspired by the WORKING PROTOTYPES they probably used in the making of the ad? (See video links below: How would passerby have caught these on tape if the tv ad was just a bunch of special effects???) Could it be that this is an INGENIOUS TEASER FOR THE REAL DEAL?!?

UPDATE: SEPT 1, 2006. Well, here you go. I didn't anticipate this level of involvement, but these two videos were just brought to my attention (thanks Jeff and reisender1000!). It appears the speculation is over!! This is really happening! Click on these...


Don't think this is real? Think it's some kind of hoax? Well, maybe you haven't followed some of the incredible advances in transportation technology, like I have. I'm talking about things like Maglev ('Magnetic Levitation'), or other advances, like hover technology. If you've been out of the loop, then these accounts of Flying Cars probably seem like complete sci-fi to you. However, I, for one, am excited! Electromagnetic Propulsion has been in the works for years and involves (to put it simple terms for you) the same principle that keeps two magnets from touching each other when the positive and negative-charged sides face each other. It's a little more complicated than that - read up on it (maybe start with something like this: Whatever it is that's got these cars flying, the future does seem to be upon us.

But before you go running down to Molecular Motors and try to test drive… er …fly one, let me save you some precious time. It'll be years (7 or 8, I'd say) before this kind of future transportation is available to the public.

What does seem to be apparent is that there are prototypes of Flying Cars in some cities RIGHT NOW. And (as the videos above amply illustrate) PEOPLE HAVE SEEN THEM! I'm not sure how anyone thought they'd get away with this WITHOUT people noticing (well, sure I do, but then I've read a little book called "Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies" by Noam Chomsky and you probably have not). So, while you're sitting there stewing in skepticism, ponder this:

• Looking closer at these videos, it appears that 100% of the flying vehicles are manufactured by General Motors (Corvette, Hummer, Escalade, Saab… all 2007 models, as far as I can tell) Is this a coincidence? Well, consider this…

•GM has been interested in this kind thing for at least 6 years. Read this article from February, 2000 entitled, simply: "GM Studies Flying Cars."

• How about the fact that there's a long and fruitful relationship between Boeing (manufacturers of the famous hovering Harrier Jet) and General Motors?
Check out this link where both companies were featured in an industry conference discussing “strategies and techniques for innovation and global competitive advantage.” Read on:

Plus, check out this link, showing the companies have been collaborating as far back as the 1980’s:

• And what about this? Check out these two hover-technology vehicles powered by engines from whom you might ask? None other than General Motors:

So why all the mystery, GM?
Maybe they want to have a big unveiling? Or maybe they have to work with the government and law enforcement to figure out new urban planning or make sure the police get these hovercars first? Can't say for sure. But one thing is certain: Flying Cars are here. And with this much evidence out there, it's only a matter of time before the curtain slips again.

Keep checking back, I'll update this every time I come across new info. And get involved! The more of us there are working on this, the sooner we'll uncover the TRUTH, and the sooner we uncover the truth the sooner we'll each be sitting behind the wheel of OUR OWN FLYING CAR!!

Get ready folks. The future is here.

Tom E.
Founder, Future Technology Today

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It's pretty amazing how much of the technology we think of as "sci-fi" actually exists, or is close to existing. Because people think of it as imaginary, or "crackpot" it doesn't get focused on or developed as fast as it should be. This is the purpose of Future Technology Today. If enough people knew how close we are to so much so-called future technology, maybe there would be enough pressure and publicity that it would get developed and released into our society sooner. Just think! Science Fiction in our lifetime - we can make it happen! Do your own research and join the movement!

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