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Sculptress LuLu Fry Welded Steel Abstract & Representational Sculpture

(detail) "Wandering Poet"

"Tornado" kinetic mobile

"2 Ticklegirls" 2 0f 8

"Refraction" miniature sculpture

Original steel sculptures from mini desktop pieces to colossal monuments. Some pieces incorporate concrete,most are raw steel; some painted, some rusted. Indoor/Outdoor. For your Home or Office or Business!

"Dreams and visions are no less valid than the Sciences. We only know what we have been taught. When a person's mind truly opens, genuine communication begins." -LuLu Fry the Sculptress

The Three Angels

New! @ the Art-O-Rama… Z O M B I E S

"No screaming. It is only a movie."

LuLu Fry

"I have been lit by the fire."

Contact via email.

If the OPEN sign is out, The Sculptress, LuLu, is IN!

A BIG thank you to my mentor, the brilliant sculptor, Ellis Nelson.

Thank you for visiting. More images coming soon. Please come back and visit again!

LuLu's Art-O-Rama