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Eye 4 Graphics - Linkware Graphics and Web Design - Wizard Linkware Set

It is mandatory to link the following graphic on the same page that you use this set.

Please link the following logo back to:

Graphic Design and layout are © 2001 Designs By Dev. © 2003

•If you use this set, you MUST provide a link back to by using the provided logo above.

•You are NOT to mix and match ANY set. That applies to ALL graphics available on my site.

•Under no circumstances are these Images or graphics to be used on pages that are not safe for family viewing.

•NOT to be used on sites with sexual content or any site that is linked to sexual content....
nor are they to be used for profit or used on Commercial sites.

•NO altering of graphics in any way. For further information, please read my Terms of use

•If you use my graphics then I assume you have read my terms of use.

•These linkware graphics are for personal, NON commercial sites only.

Please e-mail me to and tell me where you are using the set.
I would love to see how you used them :)

Graphic Design and layout ©Designs by Dev
All rights reserved