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Letter From Our Wonderful Shih Tzu Families & Our Friends

Hi Lisa,
Just a note to let you know how much we love Lily.
She is getting so strong now.
My girls never let her stay alone very long and she is getting very spoiled.
She is such a good puppy. Doing very good on house training.
She loves to follow my golden retriever around the house
and try to get her to play.
Thanks for having such a good little girl.
The socialization you gave her during those first weeks really shows.
We just love her.

Nellie Morack

I purchased a puppy Diesel from Lisa and family on April 28, 2006
and I must say that it was a most wonderful experience.
Not only are her puppies wonderful and so loving they are very socialized
not only with adults but with children as well.

Most people do not understand how important this is in a puppies growth stage
without the proper socialization at these early ages can cause many problems socially down the road.
I know, I do rescue and see poor socialized dogs all the time.

Lisa's puppies grow up in a home environment and by that I mean
that they live in the house and sleep where the kids and the adults do,
they are not raised in a kennel situation. They have adult interaction as well as children and dogs interactions on a daily basis which states why there personalities are so sweet.
The temperaments on Lisa's puppies are absolutely wonderful you couldn't ask for any thing more.
We adore our puppy from Chloe & Jack so much he is a real character, so smart, just a real character
he doesn't miss anything that is going on around him.
He gets along great with our other Shih Tzu and all our goldens.
He is just truly a delight and we couldn't love him any more.

I will and I would definitely buy another puppy from Lisa
she has good quality puppies raised in a loving home situation.
I will also tell anyone I know who is looking for a Shih Tzu to come and see
Lisa Chappel and her beautiful little Shih Tzu's.
When you buy from Lisa you are getting one really great puppy.


Hi Lisa:

Remember me Indy you were my first mom and I hope you and all your new babies have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank-you for finding me my forever home, I really love it here. I think I look very much like my daddy Jack.


Here are a few pictures of me with my new Christmas haircut.

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for all your help with my website and also being such a good friend to me,
I’m glad we have become friends.
I am also glad you contacted me about purchasing one of my puppies,
even though it did not work out for you at the time, but if you didn't contact me, I would of never meet you.
I would like to let everyone know who might be interested in adopting a puppy from Lisa
to know that she cares very deeply about her dogs and puppies,
and she truly cares about where they are placed.
She is also willing to help with answering any questions that you may have
even if you don't adopt a puppy from her.
Her puppies are very socialized, loved, and beautiful.
She makes sure that when you purchase a puppy from her that the whole transaction
you feel very comfortable
and that the puppies are very healthy and very socialized.
She also stays in touch with the families that have adopted from her
as she cares for them and where her little ones have went.
Lisa is a very honest person to work with
I hope you will consider purchasing your future puppy from her.

Thanks again Lisa!

Your Friend Sharon

Hi Lisa
Guido is doing great I love him so much
thank you for all you have done.
Guido is 6lbs and very healthy


In July,I adopted a male shih tzu "Max" from Lisa.
He is the sweetest little boy with such a personality.
He gets along really good with both my children and my other "furry" children.
I could tell when I picked him up from Lisa's home that he came from a very loving environment.
I was also greeted by her other Shih Tzu's and its so nice to see someone else does not believe in putting her dogs in a kennel.
Mine are considered family as are hers.
Thank you Lisa for such a sweet little boy!


If you are looking for a loving shih tzu puppy
from a very caring and involved breeder, look no further!
Lisa was absolutely perfect!
She consistently responded to my emails THE SAME DAY I wrote them,
providing me with detailed information regarding my future puppy
and how I should care for him when I first brought him into my family.
She sent me new pictures every few days via email
and even gave me a CD with at least 50 pictures
of my puppy when I picked him up!
When I visited her home, I was greeted by her 5 children
(who were SO sweet!) and all of her dogs.
Her shih-tzus were all so well-behaved and loving!
It was obvious that she treated her puppies like a real part of the family.
A breeder could not be more professional, knowledgable, and caring than Lisa.
If you choose to purchase your new addition from Lisa,
you will NOT regret your decision!
Thank you, Lisa, for all the time and energy you devote to your puppies!

*****Thanks again for being so wonderful!


Hi Lisa,
Kobe had his first check up last Friday and got another shot. :(
Actually, the vet said he is in perfect health and is beautiful.
His color is getting lighter everyday.
The vet also said that she has never seen an 8 week old puppy with such a developed personality.
He is such a charmer and a people lover. He had all the vets and workers in love with him.
We were there 1 ˝ hrs just playing with everyone.

Kobe is turning copper/brown like his dad. He is so pretty. And what a personality.
I brought him to work and everyone fell in love with him. He charmed them all.


Lisa, It was very nice meeting you
We have been having a great time with Madison, she is so cute and cuddly.
I want to thank you for giving me such a little angel, she was defiantly worth the wait!
I would love to give you a referral!

Thanks Britany Maghielse

Hello Lisa,
I thought you would like to see pictures of Mickey as he grows and becomes older.
He is growing like mold on bread. I couldn't ask for a better addition to my family.

Thanks, Darren Bolsby

I have known Lisa for a few years now. She is a very honest person.
I just received my beautiful little boy Flame from her
You can watch him grow by visiting
; He was already potty trained,refuses to potty in his bed, and lets me know when he needs to go.
You can really tell she loves her dogs and babies.
She puts a lot of time in working with her babies so they come prespoiled, and socialized to you.
She is a very responsible breeder. If you are looking for pet or breeder
you will not be disappointed in one of Lisa's babies.
She is happy to answer all and any of my questions. She is very prompt with
answering her emails and phone calls also.
I did not have to ask for pics of my boy either. She takes very nice pics of her babies.
Flame loves his new playmate. Here he is with our Kitten Kota. They are soo fun to watch.

Thank you Lisa for my beautiful little boy!

Sharon Gray

Hi Lisa,
I just loved how all your little darlings ran to the door when we walked in.
Also, assuming that was your youngest, and maybe your oldest, they are beautiful children.
I hope they are so used to people coming in and swooping up their cute little puppies
and that they aren't too upset when the babies leave.
As for Marley.....he is just wonderful. He snuggled with me all evening watching TV.
He is so loving and adorable!
Thank you again so much for brightening my world with this darling baby. I will keep you updated.

Warm Hugs

Hello Lisa,
I want to thank you for the wonderful little girl that we received from you.
She will be a year old on the 4th of March. We named her Mishu's Delightful Empress Dominique.
She loves every one and our other doggies. She will set on your lap for hours and watch TV.
The up dated pictures that you do on your site are great! It sure helps people watch their puppy grow if they can not see their puppy in person.
We could tell from the first day that she had received wonderful care at your home. She was very well socialized in a family setting. We will keep you up dated as she matures.
I have enjoyed doing business with you and hope to do more in the future.

Thank you again,
Dawn of Michigan

I purchased Dudley from Lisa and could not be happier
he is so socialized and so loving and fit right in with my other dogs
and me being a home breeder also, that is very important.
I would definately puchase from Lisa again with no hesitation,
she is very honest and trustworthy and
makes sure you get loads of pics before you get your puppy.
I felt like I already knew Dudley before he arrived.

Thanks Lisa for a wonderful job!!!


Lisa, Good Morning! What adorable puppies! Thank you so much.
They are just what I was looking for!
They did fine on the flight and came out of the crate with their tails waggin'
They are perfect for me in every way!

Lynn Fontaine

Dear Lisa,
I am so happy with my little Mocha. She is the smartest and sweetest little love bug.
Everyone who sees her loves her wants to know where I got her.
Dealing with you has been a pleasure.
I had lots of questions and you were so helpful with answers.
It is obvious your fur~babies get lots of love and attention. They are all gorgeous.
I would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone
looking for a well socialized, beautiful puppy.
I can't wait to come back to you when I'm ready for another fur~baby.
Thank you so much for such a beautiful girl.

Thank you,
Cindy Hook

We adopted Jersey end of September 2006
She was one year and a few months old at that time.
Jersey is now 2 years old, and is doing well.
Lisa and her family have been great,
and we are truly greatful for all they have done for our family.
Just hours after meeting them for the 1st time,
Lisa, her husband, and children helped my family out graciously in our time of need.
We greatly appreciate Lisa and her family for all their help, and it will never be forgotten.
Lisa always returned our phone calls and emails immediately.
She has always answered any questions that we had about Jersey.
Even though Jersey isn't around little kids all the time,
she still knows how to act around them, and still loves to play with them.
Jersey is well behaved, and loves to be around other dogs.
She loves to sit on your lap and cuddle.
She is a real cuddle bug, and loves attention.
She enjoys watching TV on your lap, going on walks, swimming,
camping, boating, napping, playing with any ball,
going to the park, and best of all
playing with her big brother Meisha.
She is a great addition to our family.
After meeting Lisa and visiting her home,
it is very obvious how much she and her family loves all of their dogs and puppies.
I would recommend Lisa's shih tzu's to anyone.
Lisa still emails to see how Jersey is doing;
only a person who truly loves and cares for their dogs
would do that after almost a year.

Thanks for everything Lisa
and hope to continue to hear back from you

Angela and Mike Goslee

Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to write and let you know what a wonderful experience getting our new puppy, AliMae, from you has been. You kept us involved from pre-conception to birth. We felt like we were right there with you – even though we were hundreds of miles away! Especially on AliMae’s Birthday! I went into a meeting knowing only that Lily had just given birth to three black males. You cannot imagine my delight when I came out of that same meeting to find she had given birth to a special little black and white girl – just for me! And she is everything you could ever ask for in a puppy! I get the same greeting from her whether I’ve been gone for 5 hours or 5 minutes.

I can’t tell you enough what a great job you do. And after meeting you and your family in person, you are not only a wonderful breeder, but a wonderful Person!
And as a Mother - No wonder your kids adore you!

I have already passed your name and website on many times! I only hope you and your family are still around when we are ready for our next puppy!

Andrea & Michael
& AliMae

Hello Lisa,

I am including some pictures of Chico for you and the kids to see.
He is wonderful and a very good boy. He seems to be getting adjusted very well and has taken over our hearts. We even brought him to church with us last Sunday. You see, it was Richards and my turn to be greeters that day, and we decided that what could be nicer than to be greeted by a tail wagging, face licking little black ball of fur. Needless to say, he was a big hit. There was quite a line at one point as all wanted to have a chance to hold and caress this darling boy. In fact, a member of the congregation was so won over by him that she has asked for the link to your web sight. I think that she is seriously considering getting a Shih Tzu sometime in the future. Hooray!!! Chico is getting more active day by day. Of the last few days, he has discovered his bark and uses it anytime he sees Toto. Chico gets very irritated as he cannot understand why it is that Toto will have nothing to do with him. Go figure. Chico has also discovered that he can jump. He comes up to me as I sit at my computer and he silently and patiently jumps – jumps – jumps, on all fours – feet off the ground, until I finally reach down and pick him up. After a few minutes of licking and loving, he is good to go and off he runs to play with his toys again. He is so sweet natured and seems to be very content. He is especially happy if you are sitting near to where he is playing so he can receive the self assuring hugs and kisses, on a need be basis, that he so delights in getting. (As well as I delight in giving!)

I want to take a moment to thank you for all you have done. Finding a good breeder can be a difficult process but in retrospect, I now feel that God had his hand of this one. After both my sister and I lost our Shih Tzu's last winter, you came to our attention via a friend of a friend. Your well designed web site peaked our interest and the rest is history. After deciding that you were the breeder for us, we really appreciated your frequent correspondence through the pregnancy and birth of Lily's puppies. We found your emails thoughtful, insightful and assuring. Once we met you in your home, it became obvious that you were someone who truly cares for and about the puppies that you breed. I want to thank you for making my commitment to this Shih Tzu puppy such a delightful, wonderful experience. I will keep the pictures coming and thank you again.

God Bless
Dianne Rose Parton

Andrea and Dianne with their new little ones
AliMae and Chico Armani

Hi Lisa,
Just wanted to let you know that Alex (now known as Galileo) is adapting well to his new home.We took him to the vet on Wednesday and he tipped the scale at 3 pounds even. Housebreaking is going OK, too, with just a couple of accidents. We gave him his first bath with us today. The boys simply love him (and Steve and I do, too), and he is getting lots of attention.

Best regards,

Our Vet
Sandusky Animal Clinic
665 S. Sandusky Rd.
Sandusky Michigan