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Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale in Michigan,Imperial AKC Tiny Shih Tzus

To Lani's Nursery


We Have Some Exciting New's Lani & Ryder's Little Ones Have Arrived

She has 1 precious little girl and one adorable little boy

Price for Full AKC Breeding/Show Right's are significantly higher

As puppy matures pricing may change to reflect color and size; at the breeders discreation
Once a buyer has placed a deposit on a puppy, price will not change

Adoption Begin's With Research

We believe that the decision to adopt a pet is one that should be taken seriously, as a commitment should be made for the entire lifetime of the pet. For a dog, this could be 12 years, or even longer. It is important to carefully select the dog or puppy that best suits your unique personality and lifestyle, in order to avoid future difficulties. Making an informed decision requires doing a little research, first.

Adopting A Puppy From Chappel's Forever Loved Shih Tzu's

We take great pride in providing our shih tzu family with a safe, secure, and healthy environment, so that each may reach their fullest potential. When rehoming our puppies, we are looking for the same level of care and attention in their new home. Unlike a pet-shop, our puppies are not, "for sale." They are available for adoption to approved homes only, with an Adoption Agreement to ensure their life-long care


Please help us spend more time with our shih tzu's by providing the following information:

Tell us about yourself, your family, and the other pets in your household

Specify what type of Puppy you're interested in (Male Or Female, Pet or Breeder, ect.)

Carefully review our Guarantee

I am sorry we do not offering shipping


Adoption Information

What comes with your new Fur Baby

Vaccination's-Your baby will be UTD on all shot's and wormed several times before coming home to you

A One Year Written Health Guarantee

A Dose Of Advantage

Registration Papers-AKC (American Kennel Club) limited registration papers for your Pet Puppy, released after proof of spay or neuter is received

A CD with pictures of Mom, Dad, And your New Baby from the time they were born until he/she goes home to you

Puppy Food-2 or 3 day's worth

A Toy or Blanket-That has mom's and sibling's sent on it for comfort when he is adujsting to his new home

Groomed-He or She will be used to having a bath the blow dryer and having their nail's and facial hair cut

Very Socialized-As I spend many hour's with each little one and also have 5 children who just adore them very much while they are with us

Crate Trained-I have a routine/schedule that work's very well and by the time they go home they are doing wonderful wtih potty training!

I am sorry but we do not offer shipping, but are willing to meet in certain places for a fee

A Lifetime Of Support-As I am alway's here if you need me for any question's you may have or if you just want to talk about your new baby~


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