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Our Males


Jack Black Chappel

Dual Registered
Weight: 10lbs

Dam: Daisy May Star Light StarSire: Snickers Creamy Of The USA

Jack Produces: Stunning Jet Black
Classic Black & Whites & Blue

Jack is a Gorgeous Jet Black

He Comes From Wonderful Champion Lineage & Tiny Lines "Jofin"

Thank You Kimberly Petrella
For This Gorgeous Boy!

Chappel's Charlie Brown

Dual Registered
Weight: 12lbs

Dam: Allegheny Ember RoseSire: Balogh's Raffael

Charlie Produces: Deep Dark Chocolates & Brindles
He carriers the Liver and Blue gene

Charlie is a Beautiful Solid Chocolate

He has a very impressive pedigree with many Champions and Tinies

Thank You Linda Balogh
For This Beautiful Boy

Red Hot Cimarron Kid

AKC Registered
Weight: 10lbs

Dam: DeJa Vu PavarottiSire: DeJa Vu's Special Dark

He Produces: Deep Reds & Red and Whites

Cimarron is a Stunning Solid Red With Black Mask

He comes from Wonderful Champion Lineage & Tiny Lines

He Carriers the Red and Liver Gene

Thank You Dawn Shepherd Of Mishu
For this Stunning Boy

Logan Chandler's Dream Connection

AKC Registered
Estimated Adult Weight: 7lbs

Dam: Eileens Crystal PersuasionSire: Brenda's N Eileen's Imperial Teebo

Indy Will Produce: Our Imperial Deep Dark Reds & Liver
He is a Liver & White

He has a very impressive pedigree with many champions and imperial lines
"Karyon" "Shentas"

Thank You Lyn Dee Fontaine
For This Adorable Boy

Chappel's Dream Come True

AKC Registered
Weight: 6lbs

Dam: Mishu's Golden Lucki CharmSire: Deja VU Beau Jangles

Monty Will Produce: Our Imperials
He has alot of color in his background

Monthy is a Solid Gold Black Mask

He Comes From Wonderful Champion Lineage & Tiny Lines

Thank You Dawn Shepherd
For This Super Sweet Boy!

Each night I go to bed to sleep
and in my bed furry friend's I keep.
They have fluffy fur and big expressive eyes
these friend's I know won't tell no lies.
In the morning when I wake
this friend's nice cuddles I do take.
I kiss them goodbye and give them a hug
and tuck them in so they will be snug.
I tell them I will be home quite soon
then we will cuddle again under the moon.
I walk out of the room and wave goodbye
I know they understand I know they will not cry.


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