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Our Males
All of our males are AKC registered & carry Champion lineage & tiny lines

The dogs listed on this page are not for sale.
They are our breeding males and are a part of our family.
I'm Sorry but we do NOT offer stud services on our males for the safety of them and of our own breeding females.

AKC Registered
Adult Weight 4.lbs 9oz

Dam: LoCo's LayaSire: Waka Bear Boy

Leo comes from generation's of Tinies

He is a Liver & Red Carrier


~Click Above For More Pictures Of Leo~

Each night I go to bed to sleep
and in my bed furry friend's I keep.
They have fluffy fur and big expressive eyes
these friend's I know won't tell no lies.
In the morning when I wake
this friend's nice cuddles I do take.
I kiss them goodbye and give them a hug
and tuck them in so they will be snug.
I tell them I will be home quite soon
then we will cuddle again under the moon.
I walk out of the room and wave goodbye
I know they understand I know they will not cry.