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Male ~Verses~ Female

When trying to decide on a new Shih Tzu companion, many people ask us about the differences between the Male and the Female Shih Tzu...In our opinion there are no distinct differences that would make one a better pet over the other.

*Personality wise there are no specific differences between the Male and Female Shih Tzu. The Shih Tzu breed has such a wonderful, loving, animated, sweet personality that it's difficult to distinguish any differences based on gender alone. There are sometimes subtle differences in personality between littermates. For example: One puppy may be a bit more outgoing, more of a little clown or rascal, running full speed ahead to check out new situations, whereas another puppy may be a bit more reserved and tend to check things out more slowly, be a bit more of a "momma's baby"...when new situations are encountered. These differences are based on the individual puppy's personality rather than on gender alone.

*Asthetically speaking, the males and females are both very beautiful and elegant...Some people are afraid that a little boy shouldn't wear bows in his hair, but on the contrary...Male Shih Tzu can and should wear bows and get all dressed up...just like the ladies. Blue, green, purple, black and red are wonderful colors for boys.

*Neuter/Spay Surgery: It is highly reccomended and often required by responsible breeders to have your pet Shih Tzu spayed or neutered. This surgery is usually done at about 6 months of age in both males and females. For females, the spay surgery is a bit more extensive, considering the uterus is removed. For Males, the neuter surgery is usually considered a much easier procedure, with a very quick recovery time. When spayed, females will no longer have their heat cycles, or "period" to deal with...When neutered , the unpleasant habits that some male dogs have been given a bad reputation for are practically eliminated. Neutered Males get along well together and make great companions with other males as well as female Shih Tzu's.

*The sex of the Shih Tzu does not determine its suitability as a pet. Either sex can be a wonderful companion in your home.

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